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8 months since 2nd ablation

Hello All, I had my second ablation in April and upto now feel like I have my life back .

My consultant said he found reconnected pathways which he treated and my heart has been a lot better. I had paroxysmal atrial fib . I have very slight irregular beats a few times a day but these don't affect me at all ,unlike before I was ablated .

It has been a long difficult time but I think I am on the right path at last.

It takes time but dont give in to this condition .

Keep up the good work on this site , thanks for all the support over the last couple of years.

All the best to you ALL.

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Brilliant news Coll55 so glad you are feeling so well.



Glad to see some positive outcomes out of this condition. Well wishes!


Im almost 5 months post 1st ablation and I too get very slight irregular beats. They last mere seconds, not even long enough for me to catch them on my alivecor monitor.

My EP and cardiologist remain positive and tell me these will diminish over time.

Glad to hear its going well for you.

If I need a 2nd ablation, no worries. After the first one I know what to expect and feel calm about the possibility even though it may not even be necessary.


Hello Coll55, I'm eleven months since my second ablation and I feel exactly the same as you! I get the odd missed beat here and there but that's about all.

Long may we last this way :)


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