D day!!!

Wednesday I had a phone call to go in Saturday for ablation...unfortunately I couldn't sort it in 2 days warning so declined thinking it would be weeks away now, but no now I go in next Saturday instead....eeek. I am off to spire st Anthony instead of barts as they are helping out to reduce waiting lists. Don't mnd if I do attend a private hospital thank you!!! Scared but glad to get it over and get two weeks off leading up to christmas😃😃

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  • Good news that it is going ahead and good luck. Not so good the short notice!!!!

  • This is good news for you. Time will fly by and hopefully you will be feeling very perky in no time. Buy some paper knickers! Get a pair of non slip socks - I got a pair from Boots that look like two mice and they caused a titter or two and kept my feet warm. Check up on nail varnish regulations - I was allowed all but one fingernail, but in fact didn't bother with the hands. It's nice to feel you look your best because they get up uncomfortably close. I made the mistake of taking my varifocal specs with me into the lab but when I was lying flat and immobile the focus wasn't right and I had to ask for them to be taken off. The staff are very attentive and helpful and I'm sure you'll be fine. Take a funny book with you to while away the wait beforehand. Good luck!

  • Why paper knickers? Seen this a lot but not sure why I need them.

  • The punctures in the femoral vein may bleed slightly (or if you are unlucky a lot) and knickers will soak up some of the leakage and can then be thrown away. I used two pairs (apologies if sharing this with you all is too much information) last weekend and about four pairs the time before when the punctures took longer to seal over. You will probably be issued with a pair to start with and no doubt could ask for more but it is handy to have your own. For the same reason, a patterned or dark nightgown is a good idea. You cannot get out of bed right away.

  • Thanks for that. Yes have red patterns on pjs. Nothing is too ich info...I am a nurse myself and used to talking bodily functions over lunch ha ha just hard being on other end of nurse patient relationship

  • I have posted previously about paper knickers. I could not find them anywhere. All I could see were things like adult nappies. Someone kindly posted that they were to be found in the maternity section of Tesco.

    The hospital gave me a pair to put on pre-ablation. They are cut through across the top of the right leg during the ablation and they otherwise stay in place. Make sure that they give you the appropriate size.

    Very best wishes.

  • Would old cotton knickers do? I have a set that are past their best, was going to throw away.....

  • Yes indeed. Actually my ablation entry points were like 2 ear ring piercing holes. There was no leaking from the plasters and no bruising at all. Liverpool use ultrasound to locate the veins.

    My main difficulty was dry lips which kept drying and were really uncomfortable so you need Vaseline or lip salve. There must be something in the anaesthetic.

    As you have to lie still for 4 hours afterwards a sports bottle of something is useful. I also had some cereal bars and a banana in case there was a food shortage.

  • Last time I was in hospital it was an emergency admission so I was offered sandwiches. Turned out the only sandwiches with white bread (I can't eat wholemeal) were ham. Next night for supper.....can't look at a ham sandwich now! So thanks for that suggestion.

    I hope Bristol are as good with the entry points. When I had my angiogram I had been given a big dose of two anticoagulants and I had dreadful bruising so I'm prepared if it happens.

  • I've had three different experiences. I had a plaster over the punctures in Wythenshawe but not in Blackpool. Last time I had a significant leak and a wonderful bruise and this time hardly any leakage and a slight bruise is just appearing. It is amazing how little disruption there can be sometimes.

  • I was given paper knickers in the hospital (Harefield) and they were tiny, the nurse and I had a laugh as she had a go at getting them on me but that was never going to happen in a million years. Ended up wearing those awful pants that are used in the geriatric wards. Shouldn't have bothered though as I was wearing none at all when I came round so they must have cut them off me, so glad I was out for the count.😡 They would not let me wear my own. Had very little leakage from the wounds and very little bruising in that area although had some mega bruising on my wrists (another story). Good luck and glad it will be over and done with soon, make sure you take it easy.


  • Good wishes!

  • If you get Dr Saba at St Anthony's he has an impressive cv and my cardiologist's first choice. Good luck.

  • I have Dr Oliver segal. Sounds dishy lol

  • Hi Howesgilly,

    Good news, and I wish you all the best for next Saturday.

    Kind Regards


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