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Day 4 post ablation

Feeling good today. Had to take paracetamol for the first day home as I was a bit sore around the heart. I did have a slight arrhythmia on the first night home, following the climb up to bed, but it only lasted a minute, then went back into a steady rhythm. From reading posts on here I know that the procedure can affect the gastric system, but don't know if the bad diarrhoea that I had yesterday was because of that or my husband's cooking skills (or lack of them)!!

Today I hope to go for a short walk in the park with the dogs. I miss being out in the fresh air with them.

Take care everyone,


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Take it easy. not too far. It is still very early days. Well done.


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Great for you to be home. Now be kind and gentle with yourself and take it slow. Your heart has a lot of healing to do.!

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