Sleep disturbances

I know this has come up before but wondering if anyone has anything new to add. Having nightly battle now trying to sleep with loud heartbeats ringing in my ears.

Can anyone explain the reason and apart from changing positions and perhaps headphones. (Not tried!) what can I do?

I had an ablation 4 months ago and have yet to see my EP for follow up so not sure what's going on .

Any advice gratefully received and many thanks!

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  • Yes typical AF-ers preoccupation with our hearts. If only we didn't do this life would be so much easier. Ask your EP by all means when you see him but I never found the answer. When things are noisy I don't hear it but when it is quiet at night (and it is VERY quiet here in Devon) it can very difficult to tune off it. Can be done but takes practice.


  • Sometimes I get this strong heartbeat and I agree it's very annoying! I really don't have a clue as to the cause, other than that our heart is doing something odd.

    When I go to bed and after an hour or so of being kept awake with it I take half of a low dose sleeping pill which for me is the only solution and way I can get to sleep.


  • Just wondering what sleeping pill you are allowed to take......? Zoplicon?

    Sometimes after 3 or 4 bad nights I just desperately want to sleep....esp when i have work the next's not always my AF that keeps me awake but my overactive mind or current earworm!!

  • I'm prescribed the lowest dose of Zopiclone and only take half of one when needed.

  • Thanks....thats what A&E gave me and have a few left.........need to check dosage though.

    Will only use when desperate though....I have found them a bit addictive in past.......

  • Hi! linc2u

    I would have thought you would have seen your EP by now. Push for a check and then ask him for an opinion. He probably will not know either. I don't but I know it is a lot better to have a good regular beat instead of that AF. I think your doing OK, just a little fractious and ultra aware. If you have been listening to AF for years, you'll not get over it that easily. Not for everyone but I get up and either read or watch the box for half an hour. The other thing I find is additional exercise during the day helps. I also keep a pacemaker in my pocket and aim for the 10,000 paces to make the little man wave his arms. This device is worth the £15. Good Luck Dave.

  • I find sleeping on my back a big improvement -took some getting used to.

  • Try sleeping on your right side first .........I haven't tried the back maybe that works too

  • Try a relaxation tape, or a bit of realisation, imagining your heart and then talking too it very soothingly, I put my hands over my heart and gently stroke continuing to make soothing sounds. I have been helped by learning how to relax, their are CDs , books and also free ones on the Internet. Good luck. Judy

  • I agree with Bob you can tune off it during the day with practice provided you are immersed in something. Also I have found reducing sugar and gluten in my meals by 50% helps turn the volume down. I have a larger Carotid artery on the right side, means more noise in the right ear, which if I am sitting down quietly I can reduce by tilting my head to the right side - mentioned this to my GP, who gave me the 'don't waste my time' look!

  • Sorry, should have also mentioned at night after going to bed I plug my radio earphones in until I am really tired and ready to drop off and I find the noise then is less of an issue as I go to sleep quicker.

  • You might try listening to your heartbeat. I mean really listen. Note the various qualities it has and how they change with your position and anything else that might cause a change. For example: Is there a single beat? Multiple beats? Do the different beats have the same volume, tone, resonance, or duration? Where do you hear the beats most strongly? Where do you feel them? etc......

    At some point you'll get so bored you'll drift off to sleep.

    Just for fun, I'm copying in something I wrote in a different thread some time ago. It summarizes some of my own experience.


    Ah, heartbeat, my old friend. Nice to hear you so reliable and consistent. Some things never change, and I hope you don't either. But could you just pipe down a bit? Oh, you say I can change positions and then I won't hear you? I'll try that. I'd really like to get to sleep.

    Well, that didn't work. I guess I'll just let you talk and not pay too much attention. Maybe I'll shift my focus to that other reliable and consistent body function - my breath. Ah, yes, there it is, soft and energizing on the intake, easy and relaxing on the exhaust. A little peaceful pause and it starts again. Heart's beating ... that's good ... inhale ... peak ... exhale ... heartbeat ... peaceful pause ... inhale ...


  • I had what I called 'night pounding' a while ago and my doctor gave me Verapamil to calm down the pounding. It worked a treat.I have perm. AF.

  • Yes, since my ablation I too feel and hear my heartbeat, can even feel the pulse in my finger tips. Reassuring in one way as its not been regular for a long time. On a lighter note when it keep me awake I pretend it's hubby talking and am asleep in no time! 😂😂😂😂

    B 🐝

  • I have AF. I also have pulsatile tinnitus. I find that wearing earplugs helps to dampen tha sound of my heartbeat Worth a try?

  • Thankyou so much for taking the time to reply.

  • Maybe not helpful at all but a bit of lateral thinking, I have had increasing tinnitus recently and had a hearing test. I thought the tinnitus was affecting my hearing but I was told it was the other way round. I now have two cute little hearing aids for 'mild high tone deafness' but the best bit is NO tinnitus when I use them. I was told if I had only one the tinnitus would be worse in the other ear.

    This is probably a completely mad thought but maybe blocking the 'other ear' might help. Please don't tell me how daft I am if it makes it worse 😀

    Our neighbour made some very cross phonecalls accusing us of playing rock music during the night (yes, just a bit paranoid.....) She said they could hear it through the pillow! At the time I was mystified but now I guess I know what was going on.

  • Learn to meditate.Thereare plenty of sites on line.They will teach you how to deal with external noise so why not your heart? I have found meditation a great help for many problems like sleeping and panic.

  • Can anyone give me any advice? My cardiologist took me off apixaban to see if my headaches go.but I still have them in wondering if it could be upping my rosuvastatin to 10mg instead of 5mg any one get this too? Thanks

  • Hi sometimes I get the ringing in my ears also s loud whooshing sound can go on for days then just stop.awful at night.i just live with it and try to sleep mine comes and goes I Sympathise

  • Forgot to mention I wear earplugs I. bed noisy area wish it was Devon!! But still banging in my ears

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