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Post Ablation and sleep disorder

Hello All Im back

Not posted for a long time now, all has been great with my AF which as I last posted was given the all clear and no meds.

However throughtout ther period post ablation there many nights of disturbed sleep due to the thoughts missed beats etc whereby I would worry about the AF returning.

However it was never reaally severe and always managed to nod off, however for some it never really went away and the last couple of months this has really regressed into once waking up from my sleep, than can be from as little as two hours, I really do stuggle to get back to sleep.

Been to my GP whereby a course of sleeping tableys were prescribed, however although they work not really curing my sleep problems as anxiety getting worse through the night if I do not take one.

So has anyone else post abaltion had any pattern of disturbed sleep, this is starting to get to me now, and impacting on day today life.

this site has helped so much in the past, hopefully can again.



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For me the same 9 months on from my ablation but in my case I did go back into persistent AF (as was 100% expected) within 72 hours. I have tried various things and about teh most effective so far is that when I feel tired I have an hours kip late afternoon /early evening and then go to bed later. That way I get a block of sleep of about 6 hours (plus or minus). I then don't get up for 1 hour to 1.5 hours after waking in teh morning so I get relaxation, though sometimes I do dose off again.

I have never liked the thought of sleeping tablets and even less so now because often when I do wake the reason is the heart (eg I have moved onto my left side). Also one night things went pear shaped with a fast HB and high BP and I ended up calling paramedics and being taken to A&E. If I had taken sleeping tablets then I probably wouldn't have woken up.


I understand this problem of fear of AF coming back and I think most of us do. I think this is less a sleep problem and more an anxiety one so why not look at ways to control that and then your sleep should return to normal.


BTW both my GP and the SA Conssultant I saw said that there there is a very much higher incidence of people with AF having some form of SA than amongst those who don't. However theeeey don't know why this is the case.


I had sleep disorders after my pacemaker was fitted. Just couldnt sleep at night at all. My cardiac nurse suggested taking kalms for a couple of weeks. Really helped with quietening my thoughts down. Probably anxiety as BobD says. Hope you can get some quality sleep.


Hi there , I had problems with sleep from being diagnosed with peroxamal af, often waking about 2/3 am and not being able to nod back off ,I'm about 5 month post ablation now and just started to sleep until what seems like 5 mins before my alarm at 5.15 am lol , I think like the others have said its probably anxiety and the worry of having another af attack cheers Paul


Hi Peter,

I am 3 months post ablation and although my sleep is better now than before the ablation I still wake frequently at night worrying about odd beats and returning to AF. I am convinced my issues which include bad indigestion are mostly anxiety related. I have tried meditation and yoga and both have helped.



My cardiologist believes that sleep apnoea can be a trigger for AF, it is worth checking to see if you have just incomes wearing a monitor on your wrist and finger overnight.


Hi. I fell into a terrible sleep pattern after being diagnosed with PAF. Most likely caused by anxiety. Now, go to bed every night at exactly 10.30. Prior to going to bed I have a low calorie hot chocolate with a thimbleful of Bailey's!!! Also, bought a wedge pillow (recommended for people with gastric reflux) and this raises me higher in bed than with pillows. Finally, if I miss a night's sleep I plan in an afternoon or early evening nap. It is working!

Not had my ablation yet.... so can't say how I will feel afterwards. But think the discipline of regular bed-time is probably the most helpful strategy for the moment.

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I've noticed similar pattern of wakefulness in the middle of the night after "crashing" for a few solid hours...but attribute to flecainide, which makes me sleepy. After 15 months without meds following ablation, then resuming flec with recurring AF, there is a definite pattern emerging, though not due to anxious thoughts. Pretty sure it's the flec. Could it be your meds?



Thanks all

Yes agree its anxiety, how, is the thing.

I was doing great post ablation sleep wise, this has just crept up on me last few weeks, thing is the less you I sleep the more anxious I have become which has resulted in less sleep, just a vicious circle.

At work and knackered, back to see the GP tomorrow, think I will need to see a sleep specialist privately, really dont want to worry myself whereby the AF returns.


I had a successful mitral valve op in 2000, then 9 years ago ,following a "virus" I developed AF. It is persistent, 2 ablations failed. Now , I am awake from 3 am most nights. I have tried tiring myself out with walking, gardening etc but every night it is the same. Fleckenaide started this pattern ,with horrendous nightmares but , I was changed to Rivaraxaban, Digoxin and Losartan potassium.. Sleeplessness is so unpleasant but, I can find no way out of it.

Any suggestions?


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