Even though I had seen my E.P. privately and my state of the art monitor confirmed that A.F. had returned and that I needed a redo ablation, I decided to keep my routine N.H.S. appointment as the flecanide appeared to have stopped working.

My E.P. did an e.c.g. and said I was in a slow (ish) tachycardia that keeps going into A.F.

He once again said I needed the ablation sooner rather than later,I assume before it becomes 24/7. I heard him dictate this onto his recorder. He told me to keep in touch with the arrhythmia nurse which I do anyway.

Unfortunately, the waiting list is long (6 months. I am 2 months into that ) and the co ordinator seems to be the decision maker on this. I am guessing there are more needy cases than mine.

I don't think there is anything more I can do but it's so frustrating and worrying that things are escalating.

On the plus side I think the bisoprolol is keeping the H.R. down and therefore much more manageable.

I'm so glad to be able to come on here for a grumble. X

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  • Grumble away D we don't mind. Six months will soon pass. If it were your last ever six months it would be gone in a flash. All relative I know. At least you are in the system which is more than can be said of many here.

    Take care.


  • You are right, of course. X

  • Sorry to hear about your further AF troubles and like Bob I think the time will fly by! I'm glad the bisoprolol is giving you some relief , I find it really helps me too.if your heart rate feels like it's getting faster again you could always take more bisoprolol with your Drs consent(and not more than 10mg in a day) thinking of you! Basia x

  • Thanks I really appreciate support. X

  • Oh bless .... Hope it's a quick 6 mo tha for you

  • Two months have already gone. December flies by with all those things on the 'to do' list. First few weeks of Jan. disappears in a cloud of thank you letters, decoration packing away, increased exercise for the increased waistline! Before you know it you are into Feb. with only 8 weeks to go.

    Chin up.

  • What a good way to look at it. O.k. I'm persuaded!

  • I sympathize with you and hope we never adopt a National Health System like yours. Waiting time in the US - where I live in South Florida is two months or less from a private provider.

  • Thank you Andy, that is encouraging.


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