Catheter ablation update

For everyone that wanted me to keep updating the ablation was a piece of cake honestly an svt episode is more scary than the surgery ! And well everything went so well they got the piece they needed to fix and my ep said I should have svt again he said mine was so easy to find just normal svt I think AVNRT idk if yout concimplaiting doing this trust me just do it!! :)

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  • Shouldn't*

  • Well done lulu....Cx

  • Thank you !! You were so right it's not scary once its being done okay honestly once I got a little sedated I couldn't even think!! Lol but my ep was so happy he is sure he got it and it wont come back!!

  • fabulous news! rest well!

  • Thank you !! Im trying im not a bed rest person -.- but I have too

  • Great news Lulu. Glad it went so well. Now look after yourself - you've got a whole lifetime in front of you; enjoy it!!


  • Thank you yes im glad it became a good experience for me and your right ! I can start living again!! :)

  • That's really good news. Take care and you can start gently to move forwards now.

  • Yes it is thank you and yup the doc said one day at a time but honestly I feel so much better no more dizziness nothing I just want to go all out already lol!

  • Good to hear that all went well Lulu. Make sure you rest now to let your heart heal.

  • Thank you!! And yes im trying my best in bed rest!! :)

  • Good to hear lulu :)

  • Thank you! :)

  • How long have you had afib?

  • I had svt (idk if af is the same) for 4 years but bearly got diagnosed in april 2014 I started becoming very symptomatic

  • Told you! Now rest plenty. It will take time to fully settle but you have done the worst bit now. Stay well.


  • Bob trust me I know the worst part was honestly the wait in the lobby lol the doctors kept telling my family when I was all still a bit sedated I was so happy an grateful to them well I truely am don't remember too much but I made it and yes you were right !! :) now the only part that is making me impatient is waiting for both my legs to heal up :) thank you !! :)

  • Brill :-) :-) :-)

  • Thank you I know

  • That's great news, Lulu.

    An SVT ablation has a success rate of 95-98% compared with AF ablation where the success rate is just 75-80% with the very best EPs. So you are pretty much guaranteed fixed now.

    An SVT ablation is a much simpler process than AF ablation - it usually only lasts an hour or so compared with up to 5-6 hours for AF.

  • Yes I thank god that it was only tachycardia of my left atrium easy to find and easy to fix my family said the ep looked so happy when he went to tell them the news! You know what I think the ablation process is so worth the try and yes unfortunately af has a lower success rate but one can only try!! Thank you!:)

  • Wow so happy for you. How long were you under?

  • Thank you!! :) I honestly don't remember but my mom said 2 and a half hours the funniest part is it felt like 10 minutes ! Lol :)

  • We'll done Lulu, so pleased it went well for you, all been said by the others so won't repeat. Thanks for updating us, it helps so many other people just reading through how concerned you were and now what it's like on the other side.....

    Best wishes

  • Thank you so much ! I didn't realize that you know you are right I hope it does help someone someday!! :) I just think im so silly now worrying sooo much and nothing im just fine it was actually relaxing!! :) again thanks for your concern!! :)

  • Great news, lulu91.

    I'm so pleased for you; that's a wonderful result.

    All the very best for a trouble-free future!

    Peter A

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