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Weird diagnosis

Unable to take anticoagulants with AF

roger1952 a day ago 2 Replies

Hi I am very worried.

Recently diagnosed with AF but am unable to take anticoagulants due to other health issues. Presently on aspirin and beta blockers.

Anyone else in this situation please

Thank you


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2 Replies

4 hours agoroger1952

I can't understand it, I have had an irregular pulse for the past 3 years on my previous ecg,s my gp said they were ectopic heartbeats and nothing at all to worry about. Now all of a sudden on my last ecg a week ago they told me I have AF. My pulse feels exactly the same as it has done for the past 3 years, it's just irregular, it doesn't beat fast or anything, I do get out of breath on exertion but I have copd. Apart from that I feel fine.



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2 hours agotheoldbuzzard

Roger can I suggest that you post this on the AF Association forum?

It seems to be much more active than this one and I'm fairly sure that you will get some helpful suggestions on there.

You may not need to take anticoagulants, it isn't a given that you have to. Have you checked your Chad score for instance? Also your heart rate doesn't necessarily have to be sky high with AF. My RHR when not in AF is around 50bpm and this goes upto around 90-100bpm when in AF and so almost within the "normal" range for non AF RHR.

I wonder why you are on beta blockers? I do take anticoagulant but nothing for the AF itself as, like you, I can live with it.

Anyway, air your concerns on the AF forum. There are people on there with far more knowledge than I have. The main thing though is "Don't Panic"!

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2 Replies

I have survived 70 years with violent Tachycardia atrial fibrillation attacks without blood thinners. That does not mean everyone has. But ,I always ate natural foods-- lots raw I did have to to resolve more recently to calcium channel beater blocker blood pressure tablets.

But, its best to be advised by a good cardiac specialist & to bring all aspects to him.. My 2 elderly sisters bled from the bowel with blood thinners. They had to be taken to hospital but have not had any trouble since this cause was found. blessings, J


Hi there Roger, I would urge you not to worry too much about being unable to take an anticoagulant. It's not a cut and dried thing. If one takes an anticoagulant, one is less likely to develop a clot but anticoagulation does not guarantee immunity from clots, it just makes them a bit less likely, and some people on warfarin can have very hit and miss protection.

If you don't take an anticoagulant, you are more likely to have a clot, but here again, no anticoagulation does not mean a clot is a certainty. It is merely a little more likely. Bear in mind the fact that anyone on anticoagulation is more likely to have a problem with bleeding.

After I turned 65, I lived in the danger zone for 18 months with a CHADS score of 3, rampant AF and no anticoagulation and I was just fine. And you might be too. You can sever an artery and panic only mildly. Personally I found the bleeding thing very bothersome for a while when I was eventually 'persuaded' to go down the anticoagulation route, but sudden death didn't happen (to my surprise) and I gained confidence. If you take no anticoagulation and you are fine, you will feel less worried.


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