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Chest infection 2 weeks before ablation

Could not have come at a worse time. I was supposed to be at Harefield this morning for pre-admission tests and info. Instead I am coughing; have a peak flow of only 170 and am on oral steroids and anti-biotics plus normal inhalers and meds. GP phoning me tomorrow to check on any improvement.

I know my INR will be affected so really can't see me having my ablation in two weeks. All that unnecessary worry. How do you spell the title of that old song Que se ra se ra. Sure that's not spelt right but all us oldies will remember it.

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What a drag! Like astronaut preparing for space flight and mission cancelled at last minute.


Don't worry yet there is time. Different hospitals have different policies re INR levels as do different consultants in the same hospital. In my case my INR was only 2.2 on the morning of my ablation and in the weeks leading up to the ablation swung all over the place between 1.8 and 4.5. As my consultant advised following the preop assessment we can make adjustments on the day. Good luck.


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