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Going private

Not having much response from the specialist,have Hiatus Hernia and ulcers in duerdenum and osophogus,been on 3 lots PPI,s (omeprozole etc)and now on Ranitidine.Just going into my 4th year of feeling rot.Last endoscopy showed slight improvement in ulcers and jut received my next appointment for 4th April next year.No pain as such but for four years constant nausia and bloating in middle of chest.Thought about going private and asking about the HHernia operation,just wondered if anyone has had this op,I believe there are different variations of the op,was any successful and how much approx the op would cost.any advice would be welcome.

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People may know but I suggest you contact local private hospitals locally because the costs may vary quite considerably even within a few miles of each other.

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Might be worth having a look on the Oesophageal Patients Association forum on here rather than a forum on Atrial Fibrillation.


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