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Grumpy bird! x 0 x

Hi all – sorry I have not replied earlier to all of my replies – just having a bad couple of days feeling a bit depressed but coming round a bit now I think, it’s just a lot to take in and I want to find a proper diagnosis, the right tablets and a cure and I want it all NOW … Haha! Seriously though, just wanted to thank you all and I didn’t want anyone to think I was rude by not replying x x x Sara x x x

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We all care and try to work together to help each other. One of the worst things about AF is the way it screws with your head and we all understand. Keep positive.



Hi Sara,

As Bob says we all understand this condition is awful! When I was at my worst I did the same. I didn't want to do anything or see anyone at times and really thought I was the only person in the world with this condition.

I wish I had come across this site then but I am in a better place now.

Good luck in your AF journey,

Wendi x


Completely understand! My AF is currently under control (touch wood) albeit lots of ectopic beats still. The other night when I was feeling calm and relaxed watching TV I reflected back on the last 5 months and realised that I have been completely obsessed and pre-occupied with what is going on with me. I have had 8 hospital visits and additional GP visits in that time so it's no wonder really. It's unfortunate, but it does take over your life. I am now hoping for a bit of a recess so that I can stop thinking about myself so much and get on with life! Good luck and keep smiling, you will get there! :)


Yup know what you mean , I got told I was ages ago I was getting grumpy now I feel mega grumpy , ibut on te good side t give me lots of things to think about.




Hi Grumpy Bird

You will get this monster under control but each person is different with Afib symptons and it is hard to find out where you are at with it. (I call mine Freddy)

There are a lot of theories but doesn t seem to be concrete evidence of anything. The feeling of dread and depression sounds familiar.It will pass as you get used to your body and capabilities. Hope you have loads of support and keep with this forum. Its amazing how many people have A fib - in the Victorian times it was probably described as " a turn" or "an attack of the vapours"

Are you working? If not -keep busy - read a book -watch something mind numbing on telly ( soaps very mind numbing) Try to access other people with A fib locally and meet up


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