Can i have a glass of wine for the x factor final??

Hi. I haven't drank alcohol in several months now. The typical triggers of AF (caffeine, alcohol etc) have never triggered me, it is ALWAYS positional for me, however, I have stopped caffeine, alcohol anyway just as i have been advised. Anyway...I would LOVE a glass of wine tonight for the x factor final and also again would love a few glasses at my brother's wedding in a few months. Do any of you take the odd glass of wine? I feel i need to get the balancr of actually enjoying my saturday nights and living life fully (which includes wine for me lol) but don't want to end up in hospital for the sake of supping a glass of red while increasing Simon Cowell's bank balance! Any advice?

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  • I should add that i had an ablation recently and would never want to jeopardise the good it has done me.

  • Live your life in spite of AF . I drink wine and occasional single malt. If you let it control you it has won.


  • Yesss!! That's the type of advice i love! Sláinte:)

  • Go for it! I had a glass on Tuesday night whilst watching The Missing and was fine. As long as you don't exceed your 2 units x

  • What size of a glass is 2 units....a large glass??

  • A large glass is 2 units. I tend to have 1 unit at a time. Large glass, ice, Rose or dry white, sparkling water.........she says reaching for the fridge door! Enjoy x

  • Haha. Thank you. I can't wait!!!!

  • I think you just have to suck it and see. Although I have mostly given up, I do have a glass if I feel like it. Just try not to exceed the recommended amount. I feel that is important for us. X

  • I don't actually miss wine as much as i thought i would (and i seriously loved my red) but sometimes i jimust really fancy sitting with a large glass of red in front of the fire...then AF usually kicks in when i sit down though and i forget all about the wine lol

  • Hi Vony,Everybody is different,I have a couple of glasses of wine every weekend and I,m fine,you will only know if it effects you if you try it,just have a very small glass to try and see.It tends to relax me and get rid of any anxiety if I have any,so for me it,s great but not for every one.

  • I have cut my alcohol intake down drastically since being diagnosed in August but not totally - one glass of wine relaxes me - stress & tiredness are my triggers, as is too much stimulants. Looking foward to glass of wine with x-factor later! Although red wine I think is quite dehydrating so rose or white with soda is nice. Enjoy x-factor!

  • Go down to M&S and get some of their Torres alcohol free wine. It's brill, not cheap though!

    I can't watch X Factor, it would give me AF, but not as bad as Strictly :-)


  • LOL Koll re.x factor! Will try the M &S alco free....after tonight's gonna be Peter Lehman tonight!!!

  • Triggers are personal. I've heard alcohol can lower one's threshold for AFib but that may be because it dehydrates you, or upsets digestion. An episode is often caused by multiple convergent factors, so if you are stressed out and dehydrated already, then wine probably isn't a good idea. But if you don't have any risk factors it should be perfectly fine. I have glasses of wine or other drinks a few times every week with no problem (for me it's important to hydrate well and eat in a way that avoids acidity). I stopped caffeine for a while but have gone back on it. It has never caused any trouble, although I limit intake to two espresso shots per day. Re the positional trigger: I have that too (worst when I lie down). I have often wondered if certain exercises could be used to gradually address this, whereby you put yourself increasingly near the very position that induces AF and incrementally train your body to cope with that position (e.g., yoga type exercises). But I don't know of research in that area.

  • For me…..I think it is less the alcoholic content of the wine and more the relaxation mode you slip into when sitting down at the end of the day in front of a fire and your favourite TV programme.

    I counter this by not being overtired when you sit down and on sitting down take a few deep breaths as if you were going to do something important, to fool the body. It spoils the satisfaction of falling into a chair or bed at the end of the day but if it works its worth it.

  • I drink half a bottle of wine a day and have done for years no problems with any health issues. I do eat well though. It does not trigger af for me. I've always liked a drink and come from a long line of ancestors who did (and lived to be very old) so I don't suggest you try this but if you have a glass and nothing happens then you are fine. I would go for a good quality wine though and if possible organic.

  • I was at a Xmas lunch yesterday and threw caution to the wind and had 3 glasses of prosecco. Felt great all night and no Afib well none worse than usual. Looking forward to a few more on Xmas day! First drink I've had in months and really enjoyed it. I'm glad to have overcome the fear of a wee tipple now and again. Patricia.

  • For me it's only two coffee per day and lots of light beer only.

    Every now and then I will have some White wine NEVER Red it sets me off a little. Never had any trouble but we are all different so test the Water.

  • Hi! I know that each person is an idividual and, as such, reacts to situations in different ways. I can only say, however, that I refuse to allow AF or anything else to render my life to something akin to living in a nunnery! I will continue to embrace life and will undoubtedly be carried kicking and screaming to finally meet my maker. And that is probably more likely to be the result of a parachute not opening than an innocent glass of wine. Yes, I drink wine, in moderation, and by that I mean a couple of glasses on average once or even twice in one week, and I start every day with a mug of relatively strong brewed coffee. It has never made a twinkling of difference to my AF., but it has certainly contributed in a big way to my general sense of well-being.


  • I mentioned once before, I believe our triggers are often triggered by something else... that make any sense`? I've had a glass of the same wine (red) one night and another night I go into AF. I've tried to find logic, and I think the factors are what I've done prior, fatigue - dehydration as mentioned... my ablations have improved the situation as I can have a glass of champagne or white wine occasionally and not go into AF 30 minutes later! Pay attention to the wine types, I do believe that some may have higher levels of pesticides, sulfites or other and if you know one of them sets you off stay away!

    Other than that, I am so pleased to enjoy an ocassional glass that it is worth the "risk". Glass of water prior will help !


  • I stopped drinking wine earlier this year when I started Warfarin as I was afraid of INR going too high but decided life wasn't worth living without my few glasses of wine now and again especially at party time so naughtily I am back having a few. My INR is still causing trouble and constantly below 2 so the wine is making no difference. As far as triggers I think you need to identify if it is one, it never has been for me. I think the biggest for me is a late large meal and MSG. Don't binge though!

    Best wishes for the season, I will certainly be having a glass with my turkey :-)

  • I think you should have the glass of wine Vony. Enjoy it. I had my first two tentative half glasses of red today, since my ablation 6 weeks ago. No ill effects. But I left it at that. Can't really quaff down the bottle like I used to.

  • Doubt whether a glass of wine will do any harm........definitely have one if Fleur wins!!

  • Aw I'm loving reading these answers folks...thank you all for the encouragement to relax a bit:) i had 2 small glasses of wine over a few hours last night and was absolutely fine:) looking forward to Christmas now to enjoy a couple over the festivd period:) Enjoy yours too:)

  • I have had periods of not drinking alcohol and not taking caffeine in any shape or form. But, it didn't seem to make any difference. I still had AF attacks some long and some short. I now do have the odd glass of wine - never more than two glasses and also coffee. During a recent trip to France I had several strong black coffees with no detrimental effect whatsoever. If I am in AF I don't feel like drinking alcohol or coffee so I don't. I then drink sparkling water and herbal tea - lemon and ginger is my favourite! I have not been advised to stop drinking alcohol or coffee but merely told not to drink to excess or take loads of caffeine.

  • Hi hiliere like you I love lemon and ginger tea drink it most of the time , the one called interestly Ginger is a good one too made by twinings. I think I must be a 'ginger' fanatic as I love ginger nut biscuits as well, also I drink loads and loads of water. Have a AF free Christmas. Sann

  • Great thread, enjoyed reading the comments. And to be honest it has woken me up to the fact that at the moment I am letting AF control me. I have stopped doing things, including drinking, which probably have little benefit in all honesty.

    I have however linked alcohol to my adrenaline induced AF, but this has only been after maybe 4/5 pints.

    I'm sure in moderation I would be fine, come to think of it, the episodes are more likely to have been triggered by acid reflux in the night then the alcohol.Of which I have lis for now.

    Hope you are enjoying your wine vony, now, where's that bottle opener

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