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Left atrial enlargement and 2 regurgitating valves cause for illness?


I have been sick for a couple of years now. First symptoms were heat/sun rashes and severe dizziness. My initial visit with family doc. suspected something with my heart (especially after the sit down/sit up/stand up test) Heart beat skyrocketed upon standing. Anyway, went to cardiologist and did an echo. Found an enlarged left atrial valve and tricuspid and mitral valve regurgitation as well as AF. The Dr. said he did not think that was causing my symptoms...that's it. Began getting worse, constant nausea, vertigo and dizziness extremely severe at this point along with many other weird symptoms, but few blood test abnormalities: elevated bilirubin, severe Vitamin D and CoQ10 deficiency, and other things pointing to dehydration, which isn't possible. (I am 105 lbs and drink well over 80 oz water per day). I then got referred to neuro. whom did an MRI. Found a lesion on my brain, so then MS was suspected. Had an LP (ouch) with a blood patch to follow (double ouch), nothing there. Did the complete MS workup with another MRI over the next 9 months. Found 2 more lesions by this point, so Dr's convinced it is MS, but cannot diagnose without meeting certain criteria. I'm not sure that it is even MS, and the more I look into it, I'm thinking my heart could be the culprit? I've been in and out of ER's and Drs for the past 2.5 years with no results. Very frustrated, as well as emotionally, physically (and financially) drained. Anyone with similar heart findings and symptoms?

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Haven't had any of those symptoms, but just wanted to welcome you to our forum. I hope someone else on here can advise you.


Tricuspid valve leaking and regurg. may not cause a problem but I would guess Mitral valve might.I can well imagine how all this is so upsetting for you with no diagnosis on any front.....I am not a doctor so only speak from my own experience.....I would be inclined to a) keep asking questions of everyone medical you know or come across plus all the ord. folk you know who may have some idea from their own experience/and or from intuition, where all this poor health is coming from.2) Also, if money allows, find another cardiologist, preferable on rec.And get your notes,...possible online now I believe... or at least the heart ones, to take with you so that you do not have to go over too much of the same ground twice.....some of what you say may point to Thyroid problems.....are you short of T3....not one they want to test for often but it is the precurser to T4 which is what they are inclined to pump you with and sometimes unnecessarily....I have an enlarged heart,Tricuspid regurg. and the thyroid prob. well, l had it until T3 sorted it magnificently.The last alone caused years of misery.These complex profiles are so awful and I do hope you get some of it sorted out soon.

Let me get this straight - you have leaking heart valves on both sides and your Dr says they have nothing to do with your vertigo? Where did this quack get his license - online? You're at risk for congestive heart failure and/or pulmonary hypertension. Get thee to a competent cardiologist!

AF on its own gave me dizziness, especially on standing up. I too have an enlarged left atrium. Since my PVI ablation, the AF has been in abeyance along with the dizziness. If I were you, I would try to get an appointment with an EP. After a lot of misinformation from a number of cardiologists, it was the EP who finally got to the nub of my symptoms.

Sorry to hear you are having such a bad time, it sounds like a nightmare for you. I am following your posts and hoping for a positive outcome for you. Best Wishes Susan.

Any update???

I have moderate to severe leakage in triscuspid valve and minor leakage in mitral valve   Leakage / regurgitation are basically the same thing. 

Hi I have been having the exact same issues but for over 4 years now. Suspected stroke, MS, Bells Pallsy etc etc no diagnosis though I have an enlarged left atrium 4cm, tricuspid regurgitation, mitral regurgitation and a heart murmur. I just found out after reading through my filing that in Jan 2016 they noted i had BOVINE ARCH also but nobody even mentioned it to me. Well I am just a little upset to say the least! All of this points to TAA (thoracic aortic aneurism) WT-

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