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One year post third ablation and still having AF


One year ago I had my third ablation. It didn't help unfortunately. Now I still have lots of extrasystoles and two or three episodes of AF or flutter (distinction is difficult to make).

Anyone in a similar situation?

My electrophysiologist told me that for now, a fourth ablation would't help me. According to him new developing techniques are my best chance but so far they aren't mainstream. The current techniques they use in Belgium are not sufficient in my case. And I had cardiac surgery for ASD 16 year ago so my heart is covered in scares.

Do you know what kind of techniques they used in your ablations?

Take care


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You don't say what kind of ablation procedure was used by your EP. Cryoablation (using a freezing technique with a balloon at the end of a catheter) is usually more successful than RF ablation, but it should be available to you now - I would think. That is what my husband's EP here in the USA used.



They used RF ablation. The first and second time they performed a pulmonary vein ablation. The third ablation involved a maze procedure in the right chamber of the heart.


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