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Hi everyone just thought I would update everyone on my progress. I had a cryoablation 2 weeks ago, feeling really well now and have noticed not as tired but take my beta blocker at night now so maybe that helps. So far no AF but lots of fluttering and palpitations how long do you think this will last? It doesn't bother me. I do think I feel better but early days so time will tell. EP did a flutter ablation only 18 months ago but didn't make any difference, he said this time he checked flutter line and was consistantly blocked so they think it has been a success. Does anyone think they did flutter again as well as AF ablation didn't think to ask?


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It takes at least three months for the scar tissue which blocks the impulses to form so you will get some strange effects for a while yet. They should have told you this so that you don't worry. If he checked his work as you say as he went through the right atrium there was no need to repeat the flutter ablation.

Take it easy and look forward to that day when you stop the beta blockers (bit not the anticoagulants of course.



At just 2 weeks out, remember that your heart has a lot of healing to do. You can't see it, but there are wounds to heal from the cryo. That first 3-6 months post ablation is called the blanking period, where your heart is learning a new pattern and it is not uncommon to feel some flutters or blips with your heart. Glad you are still in NSR. Be kind to yourself and let your heart heal.

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