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My daughter who has AF, aortic stenosis, asthma, respiratory issues, acute breathlessness, sleep apneao, and dyspraxia is having a blue badge assessment on Friday - (she is 26). She takes spiriva, warfarin, blood pressure meds, digoxin, velapamil and asthma inhalers. Does anyone have any advice about what the assessment will entail as she is getting worried about it? She can walk a little way but gets increasingly breathless with uncomfortable in the chest region, she takes an inordinate amout of time to walk anywhere with frequent stops to catch her breath.

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  • It would be advisable to get a printout from your GP of all medications you have been taking over the past two years.As well as copies of any diagnosis reports you may have.


  • Don't underplay the difficulties, present worst case scenario if asked.

  • I found the assessor (in Leeds) very helpful and understanding. I made a list of all my meds and medical history, with dates and procedures. I found this very useful, as I can get flustered under pressure! She asked a lot of questions about ability to walk etc, and then we walked down the corridors for her to check me. She noted my breathlessness. Don't overcook it, but also, don't underplay it either. Sounds to me like your daughter is a very deserving case. Good luck!

  • Thanks for the advice, she has obtained a printed list of meds from the dr and I have told her to write some info down about how the walking affects her and how far she thinks she can walk. I have also told her to talk about when she is having a bad day not just good days.

  • With all of these conditions and medications, it would be surprising if some of the medications are interacting wih each other with negative impacts. I'm always cynical when so many different diagnoses are presented and wonder how many of them are just a reaction to medications for some other condition your daughter is suffering from.

  • Just an update my daughter got a letter today to say she had been approved for a blue badge, this will make her life so much easier and ours. We will now be able to pick her up at home without running the risk of getting a ticket whilst waiting for her to walk to the car. Thanks for the advice given it was really useful.

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