Bloating. Pain. Weight gain . Lack of energy. 4 weeks post ablation

I was doing fine until Thursday morning when I just felt a nagging dull pain around the base of my lungs front and back and a feeling of acute indesgestion in my stomach . I've gained 2 kilos in weight and I've not changed my food intake . Feel tired and maybe a little out of breathe . My tummy is bloated and my suit is tight . Feel uncomfortable and a tad windy ! No other ailments as in swollen ankles , nausea bleeding . Just really peeved as I was doing so well . Downside is that we're off on holiday this Thursday ! Do I pop in the GP's , who is not my regular own GP, but my partners , or head straight to A & E for a check up ? This has been going on for 40 hours now and I actually feel OK in myself . Took some indesgestion relief ( twice ) which was stupid because it doesn't mix with the gastro tablets the hospital gave me ! Doh ! Hoping this might be down to mixing the drugs . Hindsight is a wonderful thing . Thoughts anyone


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  • I think it's wise to get checked over if you are going on holiday- it doesn't sound to serious but I like to be on the safe side!! A and E i think as they can do ECG for you tell them about the pain and they will check

  • Sorry to hear your not feeling well, to be on the safe side I would go to your Dr's or A&E before you go on holiday, hope you feel better very soon, please keep us updated....

  • I feel you should get this checked out sooner rather than later. Sudden weight gain for no apparent reason, tiredness & breathlessness & the tight feeling you describe needs looking into.


  • I would go to A&E because that way you will get tested straight away. If you go to a GP who then does a referral that could take a few weeks. However if you then travel on Thursday and you are going abroad your travel insurance may no longer cover you. If you get test results and there is a problem then phone insurance company to discuss.

  • Good luck!!!!

  • A feeling of bloating following an ablation isn't uncommon as the procedure can upset the vagus nerve which also serves the stomach, but I am surprised it would take 4 weeks for any symptoms to present themselves. Having said this unusual feelings after an ablation can persist for several months so I wouldn't be unduly concerned. I agree you should check it out with your doctor and have some peace of mind so you can enjoy your holiday. Best wishes!

  • I am sure Bob is correct as My Vagus nerve was affected during a cryoablation 12 months ago. I decided to adopt a Vegan diet at the same time which certainly helps with digestion. The bonus being I have lost 2.5 stones in weight and feel the best I have in my life. I don't think the problem will entirely correct itself, however I consider it a small price to pay for being free of AF. If you can't go as far as my diet, I would advise eating a starchy, high carb ,low fat diet. Eat as little meat as possible as your gut will struggle with it. I hope all goes well.

  • Definitely get it checked out. GP is fine. A/E would send to back to the GP as it's not chest pain or arythmia.

    Bloating and indigestion need investigating and may not have anything to do with the ablation

  • I'm feeling a lot better now after a very small amount of food over the last 2 days , little and often , plain and simple . Lots of water , no tea or coffee . The bloating has gone down considerably and almost no discomfort . Still windy and bringing up the odd burp , thinking it might have been a take away Chinese a few days ago . MSG and soy sauce don't seem to agree with me ! I need to rethink my diet . Thank goodness I won't be off to A and E , an unplanned visit won't look good on my travel insurance

    Thanks everyone

  • Been following your post 01 maxdog, glad things have worked out OK and have a great trip. BUT. Beware of foods with high gluten (or actually, any gluten,) and wheat or oats and even some veggies and fruit. Over 5 years ago now I experienced, bloating, burping, intestinal gurgling (loud and socially embarrassing), diahorrea and flatulence. Of this the bloating was by far the worst - I could feel intense pressure in the region of my heart and ribcage, and in the early days it would trip me into AF. Actually it was as if someone had attached a garage airline to me and was inflating me.Got checked out by my GP for suspected IBS or Coeliac Disease - all clear, but, my GP still reckoned I was possibly marginal IBS. He offered more tests and I declined. Instead I consulted a Nutritionist/Dietician. I was put on a course of Probiotic powder (VSL#3) and suggested I go gluten free and wheat free. It was also suggested I examine the FODMAPS diet. I have done this and I pick the eyes out of FODMAPS and within 6 months my gut was fine. Nowadays I still follow the self impose diet, I only get one or two AF events a year, sometimes none at all. I regard myself as AF free and my BP has also come down. Again, in the early days some foods would react within 2 to 4 hours or less, others would take 8 hours or so before I got the symptoms and every time it happened my BP would rapidly rise up to around 160/90 and I'd feel crap, it would take around 5 days to return to normal which was around 127/80.

    If your problems return try and identify a food that has triggered your problem. Then cut it out. Its a long and tedious journey but if you can hack it, it will bring its own rewards. I've had no cardioversion nor ablation.

    So what's the magic here - the vagal (or some say the vagus ) nerve. It is a nerve in the central nervous system which essentially controls both the digestive system and the heart. Its also sometime called the wanderer nerve, because within the body that's just what it does - wander !

    Some Chinese meals will do it to me even now, but others will not. If I have rice noodles I'm fine, if any other sort - away I go. The worst stuff is anything with wheat, or oats (and dumplings are a dead cert) all beans except broad beans, peas, bread (unless made with sour dough), all traditional ales ( about the only beers I can take now are Peroni and Tiger beers), raspberries, dried fruit, a lot of green leaf salad stuff, onions (except spring onions), processed meat, and spicy foods, not forgetting sugar. Well may you think - OMG! there is nothing left, but, there is - its a healthier world for your gut. No doubt that modern food production/processing is causing shedloads of modern health problems. The best thing I ever did was go to a nutritionist and follow the advice - calm your vagal nerve you will calm your digestive system and calm your heart.

    Not for everybody with AF but for some who relate AF and digestive issues together its an opportunity.

    Hope this helps.

  • That really helps . Thank you . I'm a great believer in you are what you eat . Your symmtons sound so much like mine . Almost like a vice around my rib cage ! But whatever it was it seems to have worked its way thru at long last . I felt that journey ! It didn't help that I took various indigestion remedies on top of drugs that I shouldn't have mixed with plus I was eating with them when I shouldn't ! Should've gone to spec savers . I don't eat any processed food , avoid fat sugar , well try to, and restrict carbs . Everything in moderation as my dear mum used to say . So my plate is lots of chicken fish veg and salad . Even cut back on fruit because of the sugar . Bread every other day , yoghurt, cottage cheese , bran shredded wheat for breakfast , and eggs every so often . So now wonder when I dump a takeaway into my body it rebels ! seemed like a good idea at the time . A nutrionist sounds like a great idea . I must look for one . But I will be enjoying a glass or 2 vino when we fly out this week . Thank god that's never been a trigger for me !


  • Hi Lisa,

    Had to smile at your thoughts on vino 😁 Me too, mercifully I can take red and white wine, also G& T. Forgot to say can't take yoghurt or any soft cheeses, yet hard cheese like Edam is fine. So weird. 🍷🍷🍷

  • If the chest discomfort is like a vice, you should get it checked and a/e would see you as that counts as chest pain

  • The chest pain has totally gone , it's hard to describe but it was under the rib cage at the very bottom and around the stomach area , felt like the very worse case of indigestion ever , the type that has you bent over . I feel absolutely fine now , well as fine as one can 5 weeks after ablation , thanks all for your thoughts and comments


  • Take it easy lisa, i got to have camera down my throat on the 9th of november then staying in over night and having ablation on the 10th of november, im dreading it?? Did everyone else have to have a camera down their throat before ablation?? Was it bad cos im really not looking forward to it??

  • I assume everyone does . I did . They have to check for clots around the heart before they proceed . But I was under a GA at the time pre the ablation . That was the worse thing , waking up with such a sore throat . I wrote a blog of my whole hospital stay , it's on here somewhere . And I think you'll find it interesting


  • Everyone worries about this. I certainly did. As it turned out it was ok. They sprayed anaesthetic down my throat ( local ) and just before the camera was put down they gave me a very effective dose of sedative. I felt like I had just had 5 gin and tonics in quick succession! I don't remember anything else after that. X

  • Thanks for responce, ill try and think of that, lol, it said in hospital apointment that i wont remember after but will be awake, if it was anything like cardioversion i had im hoping ill be fine? All i remember is laying on bed and him pumping drugs in my arm then waking up, they said after the shock i nearly jumped out of bed and hit ceilling and i swore a bit too im told?? Hehe, but i dont remember a thing so hopefully it will be the same, so dont worry about all you people having cardioversion, all you got to worry about is a needle in your arm, cardio ablation and more so cameras down my throat im worried about but i will let you know all how i get on, the 9th n 10 th of november!! Im going to be a quivering mess lol

  • You'll be fine , you really will be . I was in your position in sept and I survived to tell the tale . Onwards and upwards 😎

  • Really struggerling to breathe properly today im sure its AF and maybe a panic attack i hope? so tempted to go A&E but dont wanna be stuck in there for ages wasting everyones time, roll on my ablation then hopefully ill feel like a new man again!!

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