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need advice

Hello to all members first of all thanks for accepting me in this group as it make me feel secures well my name is Kashika im 33 years old im from the uk was a professional volleyball player but in 2012 my life turn upside down i was rush to the hospital with palpitation and lots of VT after an EP study they told me i have ARVC and in 2013 i have an icd medtronic inserted but my story is that after 4 ablation all was unsuccessful my last one was last Monday the 12 of oct as soon as the bring me to the recovery room i was in vtach again now they said the will an epicardial ablation have anyone in this group had one can you please help about the procedure etc and if it was successful please help me thx in advance

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I feel for you but suspect that this is outside most of our knowledge. I wish you well.


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The ARVC is very common in athletes and I can only imagine how frustrated you are at this point. . The epicardial ablation is a bigger procedure and it has to be stressful to contemplate, but hopefully it will be what finally puts you back to normal. From what I know it is usually successful at ending the VT once and for all. Hopefully someone else on the forum has had this and can share his / her experience with you. Meanwhile, ask your EP for as much information as possible to help you to prepare. We're all hoping this will be the answer for you!


thx a lot srm grandma yea its really frustrating for me


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