Does coldness trigger AF

The last three times I've gone into fast AF seems to be linked to having a baked Alaska and twice standing on a cold floor with no shoes on Has any one else experienced this ? I now avoid anything really cold and always make sure I have something on my feet even when getting up to the loo during the night with winter looming this does concern me Thanks

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  • I'm not sure I've ever eaten Baked Alaska while standing up with or without shoes, but I have experimented stopping AF by immediately following a really hot drink with a really cold one. Mixed results! The surprise of temperature change could well be an influence on the heart's electrics.

  • The cold floor is not something I've heard before, but it doesn't surprise me. AF is typically worse in cold weather months, and I have had episodes triggered by the cold night air and by shivering. I also drank an ice cold smoothie too quickly and BAM spent the next 12 hours in AF. It wasn't until after my ablation when my EP told me my esophagus is really tight against my heart, that it made sense why digestive issues were such a trigger for me. Stay warm! :-)

  • I find a hot camomile more than welcome from my heart it look like calm my heart and is very interesting the link that you mentioning with the esophagus ; )

  • Triggers are only triggers not the cause of AF. If you think something will be then it probably will as your mind it the most powerful tool. Baked Alaska is hardly on the list of healthy foods for AF anyway so best to avoid in my view.

  • I think that anything that could loosely be described as a "shock" can affect heart rhythm. Some people have advised that dipping your face in cold water when in AF may help rate and rhythm - which is the opposite of your experience.

  • Yes, I've heard of splashing the face with cold water as a remedy.

  • My extremely symptomatic AFib episode began with a slushy ice drink. Since that episode I feel inexplicably vulnerable in cold conditions as they seem to overwhelm me where they didn't before. I try not to get cold now.


  • I had a lovely cold ginger beer and that triggered AF. Haven't touched one since....miss them though!

  • I was in a-e in may ,I asked for cornflakes with cold milk for breakfast within seconds my heart rate went from 70 to 130, lunch time I had a cold yogurt same thing happened , I asked the nurse could the cold food and drink be the cause and she just laughed at me . I was going to newyork the next morning and if i passed the stress test they would let me go,did the test and just when I had finished I was given a glass of cold water and the same thing happened, anyway i was told i could travel by one of my cardiologist team .Next morning i was just about to board the plane when i get a call from my cardiologist he taught my medication was not working .I told him about the cold food and drink and he agreed with me and it is know to happen in some people any got the plane had a glass of red wine and i was fine. I steared clear of anything cold and I was fine . If I drink water now I always try to take the chill out of it. Stay warm, Brian.

  • Thanks for that I did think there was a link and now I avoid cold drinks and always wear slippers in the house Since then no further episodes Long may it last!

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