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In AF this morning.

But i know km stressed.

Husband just duagnosed with stomach cancer. seeing consultant today.

PEsky AF when I woke. taken the pills. please stop. got enough on my plate

Got rotten cold to boot.

AH well.

Needed to rant. Xx.

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Very sorry to hear all the woes. Yes you needed to get it off your chest!!! Chin up.

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It never rains .... So sorry things are not the best. AF knows how to butt in and annoy, doesn't it. I hope the consultant appointment goes well for your husband and that your pills will do the trick for you.

And hope your cold goes quickly and you can enjoy your little grandaughter.

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So sorry to hear this. What an awful time and just the environment for af to rear its head. I do hope today's consultation for your husband brings some helpful treatment so you can both move forward in a better frame of mind.

Thinking of you , be strong you both have it in you. Xx


Thanjs. he inly just gog through bladder cancer successfully .

Could do without this though.

Thanks for listening and support.


Sorry to hear your news, AF always catches you out when you least want it. Hope the hospital consultation goes ok.

Sending you a hug, Jackie.

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All been said so 💞

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Big hugs (((gwyn))) - I hope the tablets work quickly and give some relief and that the consultation goes well.

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Hi Gwyn - Sorry to hear all that's going on for you right now. Will be thinking of you both and waiting for more news. Big hug.


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Well AF lasted from just after 7am until 4.30.

I've managed to be as normal as possible.

For me that's great.

Living with it rather than letting it get to me too much.

Husband,well consultant wants more tests. But says all other parts of major places are cancer free. Thank goodness.

But wouldn't tell us how good it bad this is.

Until MDT meeting on Thursday.

So going to be as stress free as I can.

Thank you one and all forlovee,support and just being there today.

It truly means so much.


Snap - woken in night with Af going crazy. My punishment for being too busy and stressed over the last few days!

Thankfully my worries are tiny in comparison to yours, really hope that life starts to smile on you very soon. X



ALl in a days wirk.

Hope your feeling better soon.

Here if you need a chat.


Lots of deep breaths Gwen, just read your thread, you have a lot to cope with and staying strong for a loved one takes a lot of energy so ensure you also look after yourself. Very worrying times for you for sure, hugs and best wishes - CD x


Do look after yourself as well. Caring forand worrying about loved ones can take its toll. Thinking about you and hoping the AF stays away. Best wishes Kath .

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Two hours in the hospital.

ONly to be told NOTHING.

Have to wait.

Stress was awful but it then just went normal.

TOday ok.

AGain thanjs .support for each of us is so important.

THank goodness for you all.


Sorry to hear that, you will get through it. Love to you and your husband 🙏


Gwyn, no wonder your AF is going mad with all this additional stress of your husband being ill too - hoping that you will have some positive news on Thursday, we are all thinking of you here. Let us know how things go (for both of you). xxx


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