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Bit of a rant

Talk about spitting taks, I took my husband to see the cardiologist yesterday, we saw him privately at the beginning of August and I didn't rate him then. However, having parted with a considerable amount of money (had to pay for the echo and ECG) , thought we would keep the ball rolling. Cardio arrived late, had not read the file, did not recall having seen us before until I handed him his follow up letter to the GP. His stress and irritation increased with each question I asked, possibly linked to the length go his list and the fact that he had private patients that afternoon at a different venue. Or maybe he is just a young cardio undermined by a woman asking relevant questions. I could go on but it would probably be libellous and, god forbid, boring.

Soooo, next step see EP. Does anyone have any experience of Mark Norman? He works at Frimley and Harefield. If so, can you let me have your views, either via this website or privately.

Incidentally, my husband had two strokes eight years ago as a result of mismanaged treatment of his AF, the bad old days of aspirin. He has been AF free since then thanks to flecanide etc. What is so terribly depressing is that the same benign non intervention persists, i.e. take a pill for three months, increase it for another three months...try different pill, increase it.....The only difference is he is now on Rivoroxaban too.

As I now have AF too, since last year, I fight both our corners, the strokes have left him incapable of doing it for himself.

Thanks for listening.

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My sympathies, been there and done that and got the TShirt - keep asking those irritating questions - the only hope it may change. Unfortunately his stress is probably more related to work load and insufficient resourcing than your questions - that is what I choose to believe anyway when I irritate them by disagreeing or asking questions.

Best wishes and rant away anytime you need to.......

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Sorry I have no knowledge of your suggested EP.


He may also be out of his depth with someone who asks so many questions about AF.



Sorry to heat that you have had such a bad experience. Have you tried the Royal Berks in Reading, I think they have a good reputation. Specialist beds for AF I think, completely different set up.

Good Luck,



Yes, these men are under incredible stress & must have brain fatigue.

I cannot imagine having to handle so many I see flowing into my cardiologist's rooms & appointments are only brief because of demand.

I had 4 1/2 hours for first tests, then the same again another day, til the extra AV node was oblated, That poor man had to stand with masks etc in that stifling atmosphere without a break - then attend to patients in hospital, emergencies, & home life of little children.

They do not have time for many explanations. That is my experience of so many yeas. Blessings,


I'm sure they are all super busy, but I have to say when I saw my cardiologist he was lovely, and didn't mind questions. Some of them handle the stress better than others, I guess! Sorry I don't know anything about your EP, but wishing you better luck.


Hi Peddling, you are absolutely right.....keep it up. Gone are the old days where you just did what you are told and the doctor was a family friend.

My experience is you have to get tough with the GP, that often doesn't work so you have to pay privately to see a cardio, you may have to change cardios and then also see an EP again privately as the cardio might not want to refer you. Also, these medics don't touch supplements, anxiety therapy so you have to talk to Alternative Practitioners as well.

Having got that advice don't be afraid to keep asking the questions and remind yourself YOU are the most important member of your medical team and therefore should have the most say. Also when you think you are disagreeing with everybody and it must be you, it is my experience all that disappears when you find the right one.

Hope you have got lots of energy, interest and money!!......I don't regret any of the action I have taken so far.


Have you tried St Mary's at Imperial College London or an EP on Harley Street such as Wyn Davies.


Oh how depressing for you! I would ask the FA for recommendations re EPs as you don't want to have a repeat of this experience- ask about their serious complication rates as these can vary a lot with experience and numbers of patients going through centres, Lots of people here will advise you on who did their ablation well Good luck


not FA !! AFA


Thank you for your supportive comments and suggestions for a way forward. I accept that I carry some historical baggage into the consulting room but I had hoped that by now the profession could tolerate an exchange of views and recognise anxiety. This particular young guy is probably in his early 40's and clearly does not expect to be held to account. Fortunately he is not my cardio and will not be my husband's after tomorrow. I shall follow your advice Rosy, wish I lived in the Epsom catchment area as I really like Dr Bogle and his team. Also, orchard worker, if you could give me some names/advice on the alternative practitioners, that would be great. I think we live in the same parts of the country.

Thanks all, it's good to know it's not just me....


Dr jonathan clague at royal brompton also private at harley street i think bob would also recommend him karen


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