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Re my 3,30 am post

Got so much response so quickly! Thank you all!!!

I have metoprolol as pill in pocket, I have not used it yet a I have not gone into tachycardia (which I was when prescribed, so not sure whether to take if just bumping about? And by time I am thinking it over (hour or two) I am back in nsr, and glad never took it as know side effects can last many hours (if my previous use of bisoprolol is anything to go by) ,

I am on warfarin. Also on slimming world plan to lose the 2 stone I have put on since diagnosed, which will hopefully help? But I do eat more red meat and just read that's not good? I will change to white meat. Thanks again for kind support my friends, God bless you all x

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I am so sorry you are feeling like this, I remember a while back when I did ,I felt that all I was doing was talking about this horrid condition as slowly but surely it was taking over my life, I remember my EP telling me to try to not let this happen, easier for them to say as if you don't suffer like this you are not fully aware what it does to you and your head.

Please be reassured you are not alone and to some degree there are loads of us out here trying to cope and do understand.

This website is fantastic for letting off steam!

All I can say is there is light at the end of the tunnel and be persistent with your health provider I was and although I now have a pacemaker etc my quality of life has improved 100 %.

I still have AF however am aware when it kicks in but no longer have the horrible side effects.

Good luck in your journey.

Wendi x

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Hi again - so glad you are now feeling a bit better. I was interested in your comments about Slimming World. Upon retiring, my husband and myself were getting very chubby! We joined SW nearly 6 years ago. I lost 3.5 stone and my husband lost 5 stone. We are target members and have been for going on 5 years. It is the best healthy eating plan I know. Keep going, you will lose that 2 stone, I can guarantee it. As for red meat, we eat it but actually prefer white meat.


Hi well done!! I actually lost 5 stone 12 years ago and kept it off with Slimming world, just lost the plot when this horrid PAF started, determined I will get if off again, especially as no green or red days now . I am just going to have my two weetabix and 350ml of milk 😀


Hope you don't mind me keep replying to you. I only joined the forum several days ago and have been very keen to keep in touch with everyone. I had to chuckle reading your breakfast of 2 Weetabix and your skimmed milk allowance, the reason being I have just made a Weetabix cake and the smell of mixed spice is lingering in the kitchen. I agree that now there are no green or red days, just Extra Easy and SP we find SW much easier to stick to. Have not tried SP as it looks quite restrictive. Have a great Sunday.


Don't mind at all 😀 I have eaten weetabix for breakfast every day since I first joined in 2002!! Because it keeps me full! (might have cooked breakfast one day lol) tip with weetabix, crush them up un bowl first and you use lot less milk as soaks up less. Cake sounds good, but have such sweet tooth that am trying to get out of cake habit (although do have a SW hi-fi bar every evening 😀 furst weigh in this time around is Tuesday ( let you know how it goes) 😉

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Try to reduce meat anyway regardless of colour. I try to have at least two meat free days a week. Plant based food good. I am not a vegetarian but do think we all eat far too much for our own good.




I was not told to reduce meat as such but I was told to eat oily fish such as fresh salmon, fresh tuna and the like at least two days a week. What I do is buy a whole salmon and then cut it up into portions and freeze. That way it is much cheaper. Currently £6.00 per kg and sometimes £4.00 per kg. No more expensive than ordinary mince and cheaper than 5% mince which is £8.00 per kg.


👍 I agree


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