A F and holidays

Hello All,

Got A F and my INR is steady at 2.5, just got back from a weeks holiday in Scotland,

Had my INR done today it was 3.6.

On holiday had more chocolate, more beer, more fry ups and less salad.

Did enjoy my holiday food, but was suprised my INR was so high, Trying to get back to a more healthy eating this week, its hard when you have kids about and a fridge full of treats.

Higgy 52

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  • I also, and probably many others, find that their INR increases when outside their normal routine. In June mine went from 2.4 to 5.6. I've just got back from Spain and my INR had increased from 2.5 to 3.1. Not too bad. This was because I slightly reduced my Warfarin (unofficially). I will continue to do this. It helps that I self check.

    Good luck and don't let the beggars get you down.

  • Have you got one of those little checking machines or do you just guess?

  • I have a Roche CoaguChek. They are not cheap (£300) and you have to purchase the test strips (£72 for 24) and the lancets (very cheap). Luckily I get them on free prescription. It saves me a lot of inconvenience and time.

  • How reliable are the Coaguchech devices ?

  • It is completely reliable if used correctly. The unit is checked at the hospital every 6 months.

  • The nurse checks it once a month. cheers

  • Hi I eat bad all the time and am around 2.9, I have put lot of weight on since diagnosed PAF 18 months ago, so going back to slimming world tonight! Am also wondering what difference will make, but losing weight can only be good for the heart 😀 glad you had good holiday, sure now your home will soon settle it down

  • Last year I decided to lose weight before my ablation. I decided that cutting out ADDED sugar was the way forward. It knocked my INR from a steady 2.5 to 1.4 and they never did get it back beyond 1.8. That's why I'm on dabigatran now.

  • Just thought i would mention i joined slimming world and it completely messed up my warfarin plus first week put on a pound! I think i had too much fruit and too much vitamin K. Good luck chris

  • Hi, surprises me, avoid dark green veg! Fruit should not be problem, my inr goes haywire sometimes and have made no changes (joys of warfarin).

    Try to stick with it for while as is great plan, I lost almost six stone in 11 months and kept it it off for 11 yrs, this PAF diagnosis threw me badly and I lost focus for over a yr and put 2 stone on, but first class back has filled me with all my old enthusiasm 😀 happy eating, and good luck

  • I swear a change in wind direction or indeed air pressure can affect warfarin - apart from diet there seems to be no rhyme or reason ....

  • Yes am wondering what my diet with Slimming world will do, although it's predominantly low fat obviously sugar is greatly reduced to (it's ALL a bind isn't it ggrr)

  • I have been following the Slimming World diet for just over a year. Despite going on several holidays I've managed to loose 3 stone and bring my bmi down to 26.6 from 32.0 (aiming at 25.0!) my inr has consistently been within range of 2-3 (taking 8 mg Warfarine). Any weight lose is good. (Sadly it doesn't seemed to have helped my osteoarthritis as much as I'd hoped). Certainly worth giving SW a go - don't punish yourself if you have an odd gain just get back to it! Good luck!

  • Hi all going well thanks 6 in two weeks :-)

    Best wishes

  • Excellent 😀

  • What is INR?

  • Thus group is for AF sufferers and weave frequent blood tests called inr

  • Thanks for your reply. I suffer from AF but take Rivoroxaban which doesn't require blood tests hence my ignorance.

  • Is Rivoroxaban same as warfarin?

  • It's one of the newer anti-coagulants and doesn't require a blood test or change in diet. I don't think it acts on the blood in exactly the same way as warfarin but has the same affect if that makes sence.

  • Going from 2.5 to 3.6 is quite a small change and I would ignore it, and in fact feel delighted that the change was so small!. I regularly find that my INR swings between 2.0 and 4.5 or more, and I do absolutely nothing, and the next reading is more reasonable. Swings, even big swings, for some of us, are normal.

    Statistically, this fits the 'regression towards the mean' idea. Also, changing a dosage can make things worse, so think twice before you change the dose, see if you can wait it out, and if you do decide to change the dose, change it by a very small amount, maximum 0.5mg.

    The other thing I have learned over the years is that it is better to be too high than too low.

  • think you have answered the point- more beer and fewer green veg!! Still , hope you enjoyed the holiday and the beer !!

  • Thank you, rosyG.

  • Now you know why the Scots are so unhealthy.

    That's why I left:-)

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