the joys of life !

Hello all you A Fibbers. I've not been on here to post for so long as have had so many other problems with family members being in the wars. My AFIB is still here- heart totally out of sinus rhythm now but it has made the effects much less. Am off to Liverpool tomorrow for yearly visit to see consultant ..with some bad news. I now have been found to have a tumour in my bowel.... it's so new am still reeling . My late husband sadly died from it a few years ago so know a fair bit... in a way makes it worse. My newest grandson has Pierre Robin syndrome... he's just 1 and is battling for life. He had cleft palate ( now repaired) and has had to have a feeding peg put in his tum for feeding ... he has real problems in eating as he's not used to having food in his mouth...

Amazing what we can deal with when there's no option to run away & hide . I hope all of you are beating the beast and will pop in more often ... I do read posts but had little time to really join in.

take care all

Skary ( Nikki)

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  • What can I say? You are completely right that when more serious things happen A.F. is very much on the backburner but always lurking in the background so you don't feel 100% .

    You have had so much to deal with. All I can do is to offer support through this forum. Whenever you feel like having a rant/ moan /chat just come on here. Good luck with all the things going on in your life right now. X

  • I fully sympathise with you and wish you all the best. All I can say is keep your chin up and be determined to fight it. My father died (in 2002) from bowel cancer and lived for years longer than their prognosis. Both his consultant and his GP said a lot of that was due to his determination to keep going and also some Guinea Pig (at that time) treatment using high frequency sound waves to zap the secondaries when they developed in the liver.

  • thank you for your words of support. I do feel a bit battered but am going to fight it tooth & nail. Have been making inquiries about cannabis oil which apparently can help- there is a UK company that has a licence to sell this ... so will continue in researching everything .


  • And treatments and knowledge have moved on in the last 15 years

  • yes I believe so. it's the waiting that is so hard ; I find evenings are the worst as you have time to think more. But am determined to do my best no matter what. It's so good to have people who are interested and caring ....

  • I am so sorry for all your troubles and its so hard when our family are suffering as well. I`ve had my share, and I try to look always for some good to come out of each day, no matter how small just a glimpse of beauty in nature or a walk by the sea can do it. There`s a saying `this too will pass` and sometimes we want it it blinkin hurry up. Press on - dear fellow AF traveller and may you have strength for today giving you a hope for tomorrow

    Best wishes Pat

  • Life is precious so am fighting to find the strength for me and my family . This summery time has helped too; makes you feel better and gives you hope for the time to come. So many people seem to have so much to carry ..... but somehow we find the power we need to carry on.

    Thank you so much for your words... feel the lifting in my spirit ...

    No one is ever without some worries & I hope yours are small !

    KInd regards


  • Sorry to hear of all your extra problems. Medicine has progressed so far over the years and is doing so constantly. It's an awful thing when we have to face these hurdles but that is how I try to look at it, it is a hurdle and can be jumped over then we can keep on running! All best wishes to you and yours.


  • Thanks... sometimes life throws a curved ball but am getting better at catching them . Shan't give in .... fight all the way ... only way to go .

    Here's hoping you 're fit & well too.


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