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Independant Patient Safety Investigation Service

Wondered if this might of interest to you guys? It was distributed through our Patient Support Group.

"The Department of Health is setting up a new organisation, the Independent Patient Safety Investigation Service (IPSIS). This will launch in April 2016, and carry out specific investigations about patient safety in the NHS, as well as provide support and guidance to NHS organisations.

An Expert Advisory Group has been set up to make recommendations on how IPSIS will work. We would like to hear from patients, families and health care professionals how they think IPSIS should be run, and how far its remit should go.

In response, we have put together a short questionnaire in order to obtain the views of the public. You can fill out and share the link here:

We need as many responses as possible to distribute hardcopies of this questionnaire by hand to anyone within their locale. (Mainly to those who may not have internet access, or be as technically gifted with a computer to answer the questions using our survey link).

We will be providing pre-paid stamped address envelopes with each questionnaire so no costs will be incurred by you sending these back to us.

If you are able and willing to send these around to friends, families and colleagues then please respond to me as soon as possible.

The deadline for this consultation is 31st October."

Kind Regards,

Abdullah Mahmood

Project Officer

The Patients Association

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