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Setting the mandate for the NHS

As we seem to be a strong group of souls, many of us dependent on the NHS . I am sharing this link. The public are supposed to be involved in this consultation which closes on Nov 23rd. There is also an article in the Guardian which a friend sent me.I have no political affiliation and give the link for information only.

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I think we can rely on AF Association working behind the scenes to ensure that we happy band are as well catered for as possible. The All Party Parliamentary Group on AF will also have their say.


So many people fighting our corner hurray! I must admit letting the public have their say is inconsequential at least and worrying at most. The comments mean nothing unless they understand the financial implications and the basics of management. However, it is important for folk to feel they have a voice. We are fortunate.


Hi! Bagrat

Thanks for that. If you had not brought this item to our attention we would never of known.

If folk read Ann Robinson's article from the Guardian they will see that her main point is that the Department of Health have hidden this report away purposely so that the ordinary guy in the Street has little opportunity to comment. The Government do not really want to hear our views.

Furthermore there is an opinion expressed that the Government is becoming less accountable for the NHS provision. Local Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG's) like Devon can attempt to stop routine operations and other CCG's are refusing people hearing aids for both ears.

In view of this Cloak and Dagger stuff I am inclined to think that any and all contributions are essential to help influence this long term report.

Go to and comment. I have.

We all have a contribution to make to such a dictatorial document that seems to be more threatening and management driving than giving encouragement to "take people with you".

Please do make time to comment. Thank You.

Regards, Dave.


Hi Dave, I have read the articles and gone to answer the questionnaire. I have to say I think the questions are very difficult to answer. Maybe I am being a bit dim but some of the questions had me flummoxed, and the first question can only be yes or no. It certainly doesn't make me want to fill it in even though I know I should.


The usual meaningless drivel that we have come to expect from today's managers cat55. If you loose the will to live whilst trying to answer the questions then that's taken as a positive. The questions are designed so that it is almost impossible to answer other than in the positive.

To be honest I do wish that people would stop bleating about the destruction of the NHS......that's what you all voted for and that's what you are getting.


Hi! Cat,

That's the way Government reports go. They try to tie you in knots. A prat sat in an office with nothing better to do! Sorry!

You can still make a worthy contribution by suggesting changes that you would like to see. Say a policy to promote AF or the hospital staff visiting the local shopping centre to test people to find those with AF or other arrhythmias. Perhaps you see a deficiency in a local service or come across someone who has not received a treatment that is too expensive. There will always be Injustice. It is up to us to try and counteract that. Stay strong!


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Absolutely agree, DCCG have now cancelled all cataract ops - until you are blind!


I suppose they could stop ablations using the argument that A.F doesn't kill us and we could all just keep taking the tablets..... as long as NICE doesn't put them on their black list. I do believe we are entering scary health care (or lack of) times.


That is exactly the argument they HAVE put at our local hospital and there is a moratorium on all ablations and has been for several months now,


There isn't much point in trying to communicate with the NHS, I put a complaint in 5 months ago, but they haven't replied.


Did you go through PALS? I've found them very helpful and sorted a communication lag in less than 24 hours.


The letter was drafted with the help of the SEAP advocate, and sent to the chief executive of the health trust, as per the published instructions for filing a complaint. There was a prompt acknowledgement promising a reply in five weeks, but after that deadline came and went another letter changed the deadline to the ninth week. I wrote to them after four months, and the current status now appears to be "Yes, yes, we'll reply when we get around to it". Someone I've been corresponding with is still fighting her unresolved complaint after two years, so I'm not holding my breath.

My records make interesting reading. On one occasion I'd spent the usual 10-15 minutes explaining what was wrong to yet another cardiologist, and all that's written in my notes from that appointment is:

“BP 138/72 P65”

As I said, it's a waste of breath trying to communicate with them at all.


Good grief - that does nothing for the stress levels. Thought they were supposed to be encouraging a healthy lifestyle. That response ( or lack of it would leave me seething with a climbing BP. Did you have problems getting access to your notes?



They ignored the requests for my records and several other letters until I sent them again by recorded delivery. There are numerous documents missing, but fortunately there are ten EGCs from Aug 2012 when I was diagnosed, along with three letters sent in Oct 2012, Feb 2013, and July 2013 all denying that they have the ECGs.

It seems that the sports doctor who said "so what" when I told him I had AF has decided along with my GP that I'm just "obsessed".

The doctor who denied that I ever been taken to A&E has accused by of being "uncooperative" because I stopped cycling after A&E advised me to take it easy.

So it's not really surprising they're in no hurry to reply.


So frustrating as to being obsessed. If we, who know the most about our individual issues, don't keep asking for what we know we need , who will?


People - wake up to the fact that the NHS as we knew it is in total melt down because of the huge deficit - already increased by over 1billion in the first six months.

In a meeting I was recently in with a senior strategic planner - hospitals will become treat and street centers. Care is moving to the community which means that GPs along with Social Services will then have more responsibility to cover the gap and their budgets have been and will be dramatically cut. There are a lot of very worried people out there struggling to maintain services in very difficult circumstances,

There is a local health and well-being Centre being set up in a building which used to be our community hospital - completely funded by voluntary donations and private enterprise and supported by many willing and dedicated volunteers, led by local GPs. It is obvious that this is what the government means regarding the Big Society. I live in a relatively well off area with available resources to draw upon - I hate to think what will happen in more underprivileged areas.

I tried to do that survey and was completely bamboozled so thank you for the reassurance that it wasn't just me!


I am still reading through and trying to make headway.


If more investment is not made in preventing overuse of antibiotics and researching new ones, this problem may well solve itself.

have now found email address for comments on the consultation process

"If you have concerns or comments which you would like to make relating specifically to the consultation process itself, please contact:

Consultations Coordinator, Department of Health, 2e08, Quarry House,

Leeds, LS2 7UE

e-mail: "


Probably will have to struggle through the questions. I have just read that Mr. Osborne is considering stopping bursaries for nurse training, so nurses will have to take out loans to do their training! I have worried for some time about the fate of our beloved NHS now I feel scared.Am I wrong in thinking most of us wouldn't object to a rise in National Insurance if we were assured it all went to the health service or am I just a dreamer.


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