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As my AF is becoming more frequent even though I am on medication I have now been put on the waiting list of the London Heart hospital for an ablation under Anthony Chow. Does anyone have any experience of this hospital? Have been told it will take 4-6 months wait. Went into AF last night whilst in a stressful dream! Has this happened to anyone else?

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  • I'm in AF almost every night with normal dreaming and on waking but deep breathing seems to calm it down back to a slower rhythm. That's great you're on the waiting list. 4 Months seems to be the average wait but don't know anything about the Doc or the hospital I'm sure they are excellent.

  • Thank you Loo54, I have also tried deep breathing and it does sometimes calm it down. Wishing you all the best for the 29th and look forward to hearing how you get on.

  • Hi Kiwi , I had my 1st ablation at The Heart Hospital under Dr Edward Rowland in 2009 & found all my consultations & treatments etc 1st class. I travelled up from the south coast for the procedure & as I had to report at 7am I was given accommodation on the site the night before & my husband also for 2 nights a t a cost of £20 -- not bad for the West End !! That is about the normal waiting time , it would be much higher in other parts of the country. I have gone into AF in all sorts of situations , even with the phone ringing as I was about to go off to sleep! ( Ended up in AE & had to have cardioversion ...... I am really not safe to be ' let out' )

    I don't know how far you are from The Heart but they held a very helpful & reassuring session taken by one of the consultant EPs before I had the procedure , attended by about 10 of us so all so all queries could be answered. Worth going to.

    Best of luck to you, you will be in very safe hands.


  • Thank you Sandra, all the reviews are excellent but always good to hear from someone who has been treated there. Have you had more than one ablation?

  • I heard this is the hospital where they carry out ablations using an internal camera? Increases the chances of success and decreases the chances of follow up ablations, IIRC.

  • They also use a camera for some ablations in Blackpool but I think there is a long waiting list.

  • Just found this, re using camera at The Heart Hospital, London:

  • Thank you onezone, sounds like a good hospital to have my ablation :)

  • Had an ablation at the London heart hospital in 2010. Everything went well I was under Dr Chow but the procedure was done by Martin Lowe. I had quite a long episode of SVT two months later and was hospitalised, but since then my heart rate has lowered to 45 bpm and I have episodes of AF. I do feel tired most of the time but glad the SVT seems to have been cured. The hospital is called a centre of excellence and you should have no worries about it. Cavendish10

  • Thank you cavendish for your reply :)

  • Dr Chow is an electrophysiologist and considered one of the best. The London heart hospital is a centre of excellence. I had an ablation done there in2010 by Martin Lowe. No worries, good luck. cavendish10

  • My husband is having his surgery performed by Mr Lowe too!!! Very nervous - 17 times in AF all ending in cardio aversion and now told this can't continue so ablation is next thing...needing reassurance.

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