Tachycardia -afib or what while cycling

Been noticing lately I'm having a lot of erratic heart beats. No big deal. also, when I ride on my bike and do this particular hill, my hr shoots up to the high 190's even over 200. I stop and take my pulse and it doesn't feel like a 200 plus rate. So I stop and wait til my hr settles down and continue the ride. I do hills after this one with no apparent problem. During the episodes my legs are weak and breathing becomes labored. Each time this has happened I've stopped and the excessive hr has gone back down to almost normal. I am on clopidogal, pravachol, carvedilol , apixiban, and tikosyn. I have been diagnosed with paf. This has me completely baffled and concerned.

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  • Hi Paul,

    It's a trigger for me as well, especially when I go up hills, on the flat I seem to be ok - I'm

    ok with swimming (30 mins non-stop), very strange condition we have.

    Maybe when we get our hearts beating too fast because of the exercise AF/flutter kicks in?

    Best Wishes


  • So Barry, what do you do when riding ? Avoid hills ?

  • Hi Paul,

    No, I still keep riding the hills, but I have "tone down" the effort in

    getting to the top, (hopefully this action will keep the heart-rate down and keep me from having an attack of flutter).

    I did a 40 min bike ride on Sunday, all went well (2 hills involved, but took it "nice and easy"). Maybe that's the key, don't let the heart-rate

    get to high?

    I don't use gadgets, just feel my pulse at the end of the bike ride or

    use my Blood Pressure Monitor.

    Best Wishes


  • Sounds typical AF to me. Remember machines are incapable of reading accurate HR when you are in AF

  • Hi Paul

    From your description, I think you are using a chest band and what a watch?. If you are in AF they are often widely inaccurate as they cannot work out "which pulse" to measure, I'm in persistent AF and my chest band can jump from 160 to 215 with no change to my pulse whatsoever.

    However having said that, you have quite a drug mix there, and honestly do you now think you need to bring the exercise down a bit? I'm no expert here but if I discovered a trigger which took me into AF, I think I would avoid it.

    Be well


  • Try getting an AliveCor as that is more accurate for HB.

  • Peter, I have one. Have neglected to take it witjh me on my rides. Definitely will do it next trip. Thanks

  • Sometimes we all miss the obvious!!! (especially when it relates to ourselves).

  • Peter, So true LOL!!! Sometimes we just don't want to listen to the obvious

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