Normal beats and fast beats mixed

Hi all , I keep getting about ten normal beats then about three or four faster beats is this af ? . I'm not sure because before my ablation my af was a lot faster with missed beats mixed in there , cheers Paul

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  • Probably not but please try to stop checking Paul, difficult though that is sometimes. AF can really only be proven by ECG and you are probably having some arrhythmia as would be expected along the way. It is possibly ectopics and short runs of tachycardia but remember that AF is always chaotic so if there is rhythm it isn't AF. When is your next EP appointment? Can you speak to your arrhythmia nurse if you are worried? Try not to as it really wont help.

  • Thanks bob , I thought I was doing well until these started ,there does seem to be a pattern to it after the few faster beats it starts over again , I went to see my cardiologist last Wednesday he did a ecg don't no the result has it was after my appointment , also sending me for a 72 hr monitor ,I don't see my ep for another 3 months yet , I will ring the arythmia nurses on Monday thanks again for your reply Bob cheers Paul

  • Paul, we are about the same way on after our ablations. I am getting exactly the same as you discribe, I'm in normal sinus rhythm and the 3 fast beats, then back to sinus.

    I discussed this with my EP yesterday as it was my 1 month check and 24 hour holter monitor.

    He said its a good sign, heart is trying to go into AF but can't. He said this will get less as the heart heals it's self.

    I was worried, but was told its normal.

    EP also said that there are 2 groups of post ablation patients, those who do well, and those who do not.

    He added that at the 1 month mark I am most DEFINATELY in the "doing well group".

    This helped to stop my worrying.

  • Hi japaholic , it is quite un nerving when things were going quite smoothly just worried that it's af again or another problem caused by the ablation ,I'm having a monitor put on soon 72hr one I think just waiting for the appointment , seems like there more on to it over there tho ,my next appointment with my ep is three months away yet , thank you for the reply hopefully all is normal cheers Paul

  • It is unsettling, your right. Having the ablation was a massive thing for me, I did so because my quality of life had suffered so much. Anything had to be an improvement, and even at this point IT HAS BEEN WORTH IT.

    If I need another on the long term I will do so gladly.

    I think we affibbers are ultra sensitive to our heartbeats anyway.

    Add to that it getting so bad we need an ablation.

    I don't wonder we fret a bit. I use acupuncture to help me with anxiety.

    But, I missed this weeks appointment because I had a sodding holter monitor on!

    Chin up buddy, someone half a world away us on the exact same boat.

  • It was a massive deal to me too I had to build myself up to going through with it all , but like you say it had to be done to improve quality of life I'm a whittler at the best of times ,but just got to get on with things now I suppose and see what happens next ,it is good to no we're both going through the same and can share our progress , defo in the same boat buddy good to hear from you cheers Paul

  • me too! I'm seeing my E.P. on Thursday 6 months post first ablation. I'm having lots of ectopic which then set off A.F. and "organised s.v.t." At 120 b.p.m. fairly certain a second ablation is looming . I'm not so scared this time but like you, I had to build myself up to it. It was a big deal and I wish I didn't have to do it again but hey, onwards and upwards and we ARE all in this together. X

  • Hi I had my ablation dec 2014 and was AF free until a few weeks ago when I believed I was having runs of AF over a few days. I managed to organise a 24 hr ECG but it was inconclusive. My EP thinks it maybe something called PVC (Premature Ventricular Contractions) he tried to explain to me how it differs from AF but I must admit I found it confusing as my symptoms were just how my AF usually presented. He has not ruled our another ablation but is arranging a 7 day holster first. In the meantime he has changed my medication from 5 mgs Bisoprolol to 2.5 mgs Bisoprolol daily and 50 mgs Fleicanide twice a day. I must admit I have not started taking this regime yet as my symptoms have settled down again.

  • Sorry predictive text malfunction should read holter.

  • At least it's not af lol, but these irregular rhythms I'm having un nerve me just the same I bet when I have the 72 hr monitor on it all stops and behaves itself , would you go for another ablation if needed ? Did you have rf or cryo , was it to the pulmonary veins ? My ep seems to think there's another rotor that he didn't get the first time round , I'm not looking forward to having to go through it all again cheers Paul

  • I had cryo ablation to the pulmonary veins. If he does another ablation he says it would be radio frequency.

  • PVC=Ectopic beats,

  • I get normal beats then it misses a beat and jumps one to beat again .its usually one in every ten ,I've had A/F on and off for about 15 years now so I've been put on warfarin and beta blockers as a safety measure ,

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