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5months since 2nd ablation

Hi folks, just an update ,after the second ablation which was a more uncomfortable procedure than the first ,I.e I could feel the probes in the heart a lot more , and with the adrenalin used bumping up my heart rate to 180 plus at one time.

Because I was getting a tight jaw I received an angiogram which proved that all my arteries and blood vessels were in good order. I didn't get the ache in my heart like last time afterwards.

During the next few months I have had ectopic beats which are decreasing as we speak .i have started to feel a lot more alive not as tired and able to do my work and gentle exercise without any problems .

I have noticed my heart rate is the highest both at rest and during the day it has ever been, which I always blamed for me being very tired most of my life ,although I worked 12hr shifts and seven days a week for years.68 against 48 in bed at night ,and 75 against 60 bpm during the day.

My consultant is pleased with how I am doing , he said when he went back in he found some pathways had reconnected and there was a lot of electrical activity firing my heart off into paf.

Fingers crossed I can get on with life a bit better from now on!

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Pleased you are feeling more alive as you put it. Here's hoping you soon have a decrease still further in the ectopics and life takes on new meaning. Be well .


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Raised heart rate is a common side affect of ablation and usually subsides after a while. Mine took about eight months from memory.

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