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2nd Ablation

Well my 2nd has been done 11 months after the first unsuccessful ablation.

I have to say my fears and trepidation were unfounded. After a bad experience with the 1st I worried myself into a hole.

I didn't voice my concerns here because I knew the answers I would get so held my tongue.

I had the ablation yesterday and my husband drove me home from Sydney 4.5 hours away. Apart from being sore and tired I am feeling confident that this time will be the good time.

My EP stated the blood vessels had rejoined hence the breakthrough AF apparently I healed too well. He did advise that the same thing may happen again, so I expect I have to be happy about healing well just no where the heart muscles are.

This 2nd procedure was a snap compared to the first bigger one, and I guess what I am trying to say is don't fear the 2nd time around save yourself the anguish it is not worth it and the 2nd time around is far easier to handle.

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Well done I had the same problem Too good at mending things me.lol

Take it easy/ Softly soft;y catchy monkey.



Sounds much like childbirth....

I would have hoped the answers you might have had would have been supportive and sensitive to your fears and worries.

Good to hear that it went so well and you are feeling buoyant.


Arr well done you, take it easy now, they do get easier I think the more you have because you know what to expect

Rest and be well,

Wendi x


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