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Update or no update

I have had a few test and its confirmed I need mitre valve replaced, but .... that it the world seems to stopped.

Maybe there is too many Dr involved with my care and thats why nothing is happening.

I am so annoyed, nobody seems to take me serious, I am Bisoprolol, Ramipril, Furosemide, Rivaroxaban, Digoxin, so something must be a miss.

My right calf hurts all the time, I suffer with dizzy spells, fall asleep at drop of hat, then cant sleep at night. lost interest in life.

I went and spoke to my GP last week and after reading letter the hospital had copied through agreed that I should have had my referal theough from London hospital, they chased it up pn Monday (27/7) and now I been told be voice mail by 1st hospital that they are reviewing my case, what does that mean.....?

I am back at work at suppose to do 9 hours and 30 mins a shift 24/7, but I am lucky to reach 6 hours before I wacked out, so the OH have put my on restirctions no more than 6 hours and no night turns (suppose to do these every 6 weeks, so money taken a nose dive.

If I work than 4 days on trot it takes me 3 days to recover, but 1st hospital hav told me its all in the mind. So I try and continue to be a full time mum as well, but family tell me to slow down, so I am burning the candle at both ends ? I must as went to bed on Sunday at 3pm and slept for 12 hours, lucky for me I had to get up at 4am for work.

Soory just need to get this off my chest.


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AF will make you tired no doubt about that if you have been so diagnosed and neither the mitral valve nor the bsoprolol will help. I think it may be time to write a stiff letter to your doctor and demand that some action be taken. I presume here that you have been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation? General cardiologists are not always the best people to treat this condition as the experts in the field are electrophysiologists (special cardiologists who deal with rhythm disorders). If you need mitral valve replacement this may well complicate things as two different regimes are involved (plumbing and electrical) but some action needs to be taken for sure.

AF Association have some great fact sheets which will enable you to discuss that side of things so I recommend that you look on the website and down load those you feel may be useful..

Good luck and we are here with understanding.



Virtual hug to you Karen. sounds like you are having a rough time, I was like that few years ago and ended up burning myself out, I had to leave work because I was no good to my kids, Haven't looked back mind, had to tighten my belt as they say and get on with putting myself right and kept on at the hospital and my GP as I 'd had enough.

Bob's right there are always people on this site happy to listen to you.

Good luck in going forward,

Wendi x


Hi Karen, it sounds like you are really struggling to get through each day, no wonder you're fed up with no action being taken by the medical profession, and being told it's all in your mind is not helpful. You are on a whole ramp of meds and some of these will make you feel tired. Bisoprolol made me feel I was wading through treacle much of the time and could drop off to sleep at any given moment.

Working long hours and looking after a family is tiring in itself, without having extra health problems to contend with. At least OH is being supportive in putting you on shorter hours at work, that should help in the short term.

I hope you'll get some answers soon, and in the meantime keep posting, this site is so supportive even if we can't help medically.

Sending you a big virtual hug.


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