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Keyhole surgery for tricuspid valve leak

I have had a leaky tricuspid valve leak for about 10 years My last echocardiogram....about 5 years ago....revealed it now as 'severe'. I had had two echos. previously, not 'severe' ,but nobody bothered much as 'back then' they were not bothering too much about them and only surgically repairing them if you were about to have 'a big heart job' done/open heart surgery. I now read tricuspid valve leaking is being taken much more seriously as it shortens,no, we can't have that...far too much to do!....I have also read there is a new new op. for this prob. with keyhole surgery.I am going to ask my GP soon. for another echo. so info. on how to go forward(as I expect there will prob. be further deterioration) and possibly with a keyhole stiching job...not valve replace. Does anyone have experience or info. about this? All info. gratefully recieved.

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Sorry out of my field.


Hi 10gingercats

V interested in your post a year ago. May I ask what the current state of play is with your heart? Have you opted for a keyhole valve replacement? ( I have been diagnosed with a calcified bicuspid valve, and am looking for possible treatment.

Thanks for reading this.



Hello JohnGPick

I have not had an ecocardiogram for 5 years.At the time of writing I was thinking of asking my GP for an update echo.In the UK,and generally speaking, you would not expect any intervention to a tricuspid valve unless they were doing open heart surgery for something else.I had a hole in the heart fixed 5 years ago via keyhole surgery but that did not allow the surgeon to fix the tricuspid.Tricuspids that leak seriously should be fixed because the back leaking interfers with the general pumping of the heart...heart has to work harder than it would normally.Sometimes tricuspid do develop other conditions,as yours seems to have done, but you will prob. need that doing via open heart and you may have to weigh up, with your surgeons advice, as to whether it is worth it.I do not know of any tricuspid valve fix by keyhole surgery. I you are in the States they may be more advanced than here in the UK. I would be glad to know of any additional info you have...thanks for writing.


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