Constant feeling but nsr on ecg

Had paf for about 9 months. Had about 4 episodes one treated with pip flecainide. Over past 6 weeks I have had a sinking feeling in my chest but done several ecg's and in nsr. Spoke to another af bod today who reckons this is the " impulses " firing but not getting through to start an episode. Any thoughts? Im a reasonably healthy 35 year old so my heart attack risk is low so not concerned about that but is it the af trying to start?

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  • This could be medication - are you taking anything? Also anxiety a big factor here. I have had one episode and still feel like something is always going to happen but it doesn't.

  • Thanks for the reply. Not taking any meds but for flecanaide as a pip. Last episode 4 weeks ago when I used the flec. I hope it is anxiety its that I spoke to someone today who states he had the same feelings but had an ablation and it went. Some of what he did say made sense but surely it would be picked up on an ecg?

  • Not everything gets picked up on an ECG. My heart attack didn't. It was picked up on a blood test. And after a PAF my chest/ heart is tired and achy and feels like I'm on the verge of another episode. I feel for you. It's horrible.

  • Hi I have days of having the feeling you describe .i also have paroxysmal AF and when take an ecg when I feel like this it is in sinus rhythm I have seen a pattern of the feeling being more obvious when my pulse rate is lower ie 50 when it is usually 60 when in sinus rhythm . It does not seem to be a prelude to an AF episode with me .I Just put it down to the weird feelings of AF that I get that just changes how your heart can feel that's not always picked up on an ecg .Hope this is helpful and of course see your gp if the symptoms get worrying x

  • An ecg can only pick up AF if you are in it at the time - there will be no P wave as in a normal ecg. I have an Alivecor - do you use that? If you are checking your ecg when you think you are in AF and its no there then all good. It could of course be happening at other times but if you are symptomatic with very high heart rate you will notice. I also check my pulse a lot and know it's regular.

  • Hi Jimmy - when you say "sinking" feeling in your chest - could this also be described as a "feeling of suction" in the chest ? If so, pls take a look at the Wikipedia reference to Premature Ventricular Contraction, you will see that Wikipedia uses this description.

    When I first encountered this myself I wanted to say that my chest was hollow, or that there was a slight wind blowing in my chest - same thing I guess.

    For me, an Alivecor purchase allowed me to match these strange sensations to publicly published diagrams showing various forms of ectopic beat, and that put my mind at rest. A few ectopic now and again are not AF.

    I hope this helps


  • Hi, thanks for the replies. I really dont know how to describe it but it could be described by all the above. I wonder could a one off dose of flec after a full on episode of paf that was terminated by the drug could this cause physiological changes that have caused me to have a lower heart rate long term cos I have seen a mild reduction. The facility I use to ecg is an expensive monitor because I do work in healthcare, surprised how little I knew about af till I got it! I interpret the ecg. Im a very sympathetic hcp now! I can have this feeling and look at it in real time on a monitor and no pvc's and have p waves. I do get ectopics which I have seen and felt but they're more like a thud to me. I will say I have gained a mass of advice and knowledge of this forum so appreciate it.

  • Hi And yes, i used to get the sort of feeling you are describing, sometimes as a precursor to an attack and often during the day, weirdly it most often happened during my evening commute when I had to drive down a very steep hill so I associated it with anxiety. As a child I had a nightmare about runaway car and steep hill. Then I worked out that it also happened when I was not consciously anxious so associated it with vagal reaction, sometimes triggered by food, drink etc but sometimes out of nowhere. I asked my EP who said it is a common experience with PAF.

    Absolutely no expererience of it since successful Ablation (2nd one worked).

  • When I am exercising at the gym and drink water my heart rate rises very rapidly. I have learnt not to 'slow down' in anxiety and wait as it always rights itself . But interesting the heart's reaction to some foods and drink or drinking.

  • One of the effects of PAF is to make you aware of your heartbeat in a way that you were not in the before life. Keep off the monitor it will just heighten that awareness and you'll be noticing every variation and wondering whats going to happen next.

    You'll know when your in AF, whilst this is fairly infrequent taking Flec as a PIP seems a sensible treatment option.

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