Is NSR a bad sign?

Hi all

Just read SteveA's post about runs of AF after ablation and not for the first time there are a lot of comments about this being normal and even a good sign.

Now, I had my ablation 12 weeks ago and apart from a couple of little bloops ( ectopic a I suppose) I haven't had single incidence of AF. So my question is : Is this bad?

It sounds like a ridiculous question but I had a cardioversion which lasted perfectly for 10 months ( just like now) before my ablation and then just woke up one day back in AF and I still worry that this might happen again.

I should add that my 2 experiences of AF were persistent never paroxysmal and that I was cardioverted at the end of my ablation.

Please don't get me wrong I am very happy with things at the moment but I'm starting to wonder if it's all gone a bit too well....

Silly or what?

Ruth 🙄

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  • I wouldn't know but in my case I had my ablation and my AF stopped that very day for 8 years without drugs. It then came back a tiny bit after the 8 years. For 2-3 years after my ablation I could not feel my heart at all. It was lovely.

  • That reassuring - thanks Koll!

  • To have rock solid NSR is not a bad thing at all. I think it bodes quite well for you, especially at 12 weeks. Breathe easy!

  • Don't worry. What will be will be. There are so many factors that affect it primarily around each persons physiology; the extent of their AF; where it is coming from; etc.

  • Like you, I have had nothing out of the ordinary since my ablation. No AF certainly and no ectoptics that I have been aware of. (I know everyone gets these from time to time but I certainly haven't noticed them). I mentioned this to my EP at the 3-month follow up, explaining that I didn't seem to be getting the post-ablation 'occasionals' that form part of the healing process and are frequently mentioned by others on this forum. Jokingly but hopefully with some truth in it, he said this was because he had done a better job than the average EP! Fourteen months on and I believe he could be right......

    It can only be positive Perrylees....

  • Ha ha! Well I'm seeing my EP next month so might have the same conversation (here's hoping!)

  • Very, very good sign. No reason why you should revert to AF but it's worth following a healthy lifestyle to give your heart the best chance of continuing in NSR for many years.


  • I too have had no heart related symptoms whatsoever since my ablation 20 days ago, and rather than worried, I am glad!


  • Oh don't get me wrong I am very glad! Just sometimes I think its all going a bit too well......

  • I had nary a peep for 18 months after first ablation (which had followed 24/7af). AF began creeping back, and second ablation almost as good. Both with no meds.

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