Successful Cardioversion yesterday :)

Hi all,

Just wanted to pop in with a quick update to say I had my cardioversion yesterday & it was successful. I had persistent AF and had (I think) had it for several years, so I was surprised and pleased that the cardioversion worked. I was worried about having the GA but it was a breeze & the experience was much less worrisome than I had imagined it would be. My INR has been really up and down and was actually just below 2 yesterday despite me taking more and more warfarin in the last couple of weeks - so I've got to self-inject clexane for 7 days now (which isn't much fun). Feeling totally wiped out today but hoping I feel much better and remain AF free now for as long as possible!

I want to say a really big thank you to those of you who share your stories on this site - it really helped me before the op and is so reassuring to be able to share with people who know how it feels :) Best wishes to you all x

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  • Well isn't nice to wake up and log onto news like that Lulu77 . Congratulations on your cardioversion being a success. As you say this forum is a wonderful tool for all of us to use , we receive so much good advice and the sharing of information is great for all us A/Fibbers as well. Be well and stay safe and keep us up to date with how things are going for you. Kind regards - Ken x

  • Great News, lets hope it stays that way for you. Take care James

  • So good to hear it was successful. I had mine last Wednesday, but it wasn't until yesterday (Tuesday) that I started feeling my energy levels had gone back to normal. So be aware you may not be racing around for a few days. Hope you stay in sinus rhythm and wishing you well.


  • Great news lulu77, wishing you all the best for a speedy and af free recovery.... Charlotte :-)

  • Thanks everyone - and I'm so relieved to hear your experience Jean as I'm feeling totally exhausted today! Was imagining that I'd be hula hooping by now but clearly a few more days rest is in order!!!! :) x

  • Hi Lulu and well done. Clexane is not too bad once you get into the rhythm of sticking needles into your tum. I had to do the same a while back and don;t you know it they were out of the size I was supposed to have so I had to give myself TWO injections each time . After a week my stomach looked like spotted dick!.

    Stay well


  • Happy to hear your are back to sinus rhythm

    What a blessing is that where normal people don't know about it ;)

    Stay well Lulu

  • Hurrah

  • Absolutely thrilled for you Lulu, I am sure you will feel the benefit of resting for longer! Take care


  • Thanks all :) I just realised I'm having a few ectopic beats... I'm guessing it takes a while to settle down - any advice?

  • Hi and CONGRATULATIONS! I remember what it felt to wake up and realize your heart is beating somewhat normally. Please take your time getting more active. I started energetic walking too soon and I started skipping beats. then I started A fibbing for a week then went normal again. I think it would have held more permanently if I hadn't been as excited to get back to my old life.

  • Hi Lulu congrats, NSR is just the best and don't we AFibbers appreciate just how great it is! I would second shadski's advice, take your time getting back to normal life, says she who is much better at saying it than doing it!

  • Hi Lulu, pleased for you, take it easy for a few days. I wanted to do everything after my cardioversion as I hadn't felt so good in a long time. wishing you well

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