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Daily Mail - Cranberry Juice Article: A reminder

For those of you that read the Daily Mail or have interest in keeping up to date regarding stroke prevention, you may have come across the article below:

It must be stressed that if you are taking ANY anticoagulant, that you should be very cautious about drinking large amounts of cranberry juice. Whilst this article purports that it could cut your risk of stroke, heart disease and diabetes, this does NOT apply to AF-related stroke. It is important to highlight this as a precautionary measure. Any changes in diet while taking warfarin should always be discussed with your medical professional.

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I would of thought that the paper should of mentioned that it is not recommended with Anti coag's ?

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Thank you for the warning. I tend to be very cynical about press 'health' articles which are so obviously funded by companies (eg Ocean Spray) pushing their product, regardless of the health risks involved for some people.


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