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NSR with rapid chaotic ectopics

I have 2 ablations with relative success. However 2 years down the line o seem to have raps chaotic beats whilst in sinus rhythm. It makes me feel pretty dreadful. I told by my EP that with the help, in my case of 40mgs of sotolol, when it happens I just have to wait until it passes, which can be up to 3 full days. I can only surmise, as not offered, that a further ablation would not help. Any helpful suggestions?

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If they are ectopic clusters then whilst unpleasant they are supposed not to be harmful and they are not AF. I get them from time to time as well. Longest I had them was three months solid but went after Bowen Treatment to relax vagus nerve.



Interesting, I will look into that thank you.


I get them as well, all the time without drugs. 3 days for the drugs to work! Does your EP know it's 3 days, that's such a long time. Maybe something else would work better?


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