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Urgent help needed please!

Hi everyone, I've had a really bad day. I have been off work since August after having an operation. During the operation something went wrong with the anaesthetic and ever since I have had heart problems......racing constantly, shooting to 155 on slight exhertion, palpitations, ectopic beat, breathless, dizzy ness and been admitted 4 times to hospital. Have just this week been put on Bisoporol which has brought rate down but with it mt BP......which drops when I lay down anyway.

Got called to Formal Meeting today in which I was served with a written warning......for having too much time off!!! They know exactly what I've been going through, I've been honest and open with them, went to occupational health medical for them, in which the report states I am at present unfit for work etc. they have lumped me into the policy of ''Attendance'. It's a new employer since I've been off so she doesn't even know me. I have a Blue Badge...does that make me registered disabled?

Please please help as to how I can handle this. I am so upset. I love my job and given the chance I would be back tomorrow but I have no control of this illness and it looks like I will soon loose my job because of it. :((

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Hi Cassie68, I had the same problem about 3 years ago, and the company were told that I was covered by disability act, they are trying to pull a fast one, Iwould suggest a 30 minuite meeting with a solicitor good luck and let me know how you get on.

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I have had time off this year in and out of work and am currently at work under 'accommodations' specifically my OH reports say that they would consider me disabled under the Equality Act 2010 which I think might confer more rights - agree you need legal advice - good luck.


Hi Cassie

You need an employment solicitor quickly, this is a complex area and one that needs professional advice, I am sure you can find one who does the first appointment free.

You are likely to be classified as disabled, (and I am not a lawyer but have been in this position as an employer) this does NOT mean that they cannot carry on with the potential for being laid off simply that they have to really carefully consider how they are going to do it, and generally absence is not considered a valid reason to sack anyone with a declared disability. Instead they would have to prove that your inability to be at work seriously compromises your role, AND that they had tried to come to a compromise with you around flexible working hours etc, which does not sound like they have done.

Go see a solicitor quickly and let them know what is happening

Be well



You may want to consider joining a trade union (I am a former shop steward) as you get excellent legal aid included in your dues. I used to work for 1 of the big 4 supermarkets that begins with A.....

What you describe sounds exactly like them and I used to deal with this sort of thing all the time. It was my most common duty.

Get legal advice, from any source. Something is better than nothing.

PS, they cant do this to you UNLESS you allow them to.

Be strong.....


Dear Cassie68, I was told at work that I was covered by the Disabilities Act which provides me with some protection, as I understand it, particularly related to sick leave and the work I can/cannot do. I had advice from the union I am a member of and this was helpful.

I entirely agree with comments other members have given, I would get some legal advice. Hope that your situation is resolved to your advantage.

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A Blue Badge does not mean you are qualified disabled it is more or less a statement that you are in need of a car to allow you to go out. ESA support would mean that you are not fit for work. PIP would also mean you qualify for support because of conditions that the DWP have agreed your conditions warrant it.

However if you have a disability that will/does affect your everyday activity your employer should make adequate adjustments to your working conditions. As soon as they are aware of them.

I had the same after 5.5 months off work after 32 days in ICU. they told me on my phased return that they were going to issue me with a formal warning for time off work. I had made them aware of my heart and lung conditions on my application form so I informed them that if the proceed I will take the matter further. To be told they will proceed in 10 days from telling me. I spoke to EOC and they informed me that they will back my case if they proceed under the DDA. When the ten days came up I asked my manager "What time is the meeting and he just said we are not doing anything now!" I think they took some legal advice :)

I would advise some help quickly maybe even ACAS? CAB or a solicitor in employment law. It is not as easy as it sounds. Good luck


I thought ( and only my thought) that under the equal opportunities act of 2010 AF was a protected characteristic. This is similar to other long term conditions. Your employer should give you fair opportunities for appointments and procedures. Doesn't mean that in the end they won't try and get rid of you, but does mean that you can give them a fair run for your money and make things tricky. I would hope that most employers would back down! Let us know how you get on x


Hi I have employment advice to give as not worked for years (not because AF ) but just want to send you best wishes as you sound so stressed (been there when diagnosed in March ) I really hope everything turns out well for you God bless x


Nothing wrong with the anaesthetic you have reacted to it.

My husband did the same thing 7 yrs ago. The right medication will

bring your heart back to ' normal ' ........but you must remember to

inform hospital drs so it doesn't happen again.

Two weeks ago my husband needed surgery.....this time he was given an epidural.............I myself can't have one type of anaesthetic

drug, again because of my reaction to it. (although not the same as yours.). Best of luck with your work......Don't give up.



It seems that all your replies are tackling your employment problems, which is great, but what is more important is your heart problem. Describe what the symptoms are like. When your heart races at 155bpm, does it start suddenly? is it a regular beat or irregular? How long does a bout last? Does it suddenly stop or does it gradually slow down?

Describe your other palpitations. How often do you get them and how long do they last?


Cannot give any advice but you sounded so down wanted to send you

a bug hug (((((hug))))) dont let the b......s get you down, xx

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That is a really awful stress to be put under when you are already going through so much. As far as i understand, there is legislation that protects you from being discriminated against on the grounds of health..you should definitely speak to your union rep or a solicitor. Try not to stress about it though...the most important thibg is you and your health and it will al work out with work. Take care:)


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