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More help needed please!!

Last week so many of you lovely people answered my post about my 'funny turn' which resulted in a few hours in a&e with a galloping heart rate and a feeling I was about to pass out.

My bisoprolol dose was increased from 2.50 to 3.75 and things settled down. I flew to majorca yesterday - had a relaxed day,

didn't rush, prebooked seats and 'express' security lane to save any hassle. It's only a short flight but I experienced a few 'bumps' in my heart rate which thankfully didn't amount to anything. However after landing my hr was up to 145. I didn't have any other symptoms, only the fast hr. I'm assuming this is the atrial fibrillation that I've been diagnosed with even tho I haven't really experienced it before? Tthings are back to normal today with hr between 74 & 85 but I'm now concerned about the flight home!! When I was first diagnosed 4 years ago I asked if there was a pill I could take when I felt my heart rate speeding up but was told bisoprolol would keep things in check. These two episodes 6 days apart are making me think this isn't the case! Any advice please??

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Right now you are not in a position to do much about it so why not relax and try to enjoy the holiday. Worry only makes things worse. When you get back you need to talk to your GP about seeing an expert on heart rhythms. A and E and ordinary cardiologists aren't always the experts but an Electrophysiologist is. There are various treatments which can be tried but bisoprolol seems to be the fall back choice for most general doctors. Stay off the alcohol. tempting though it may be in the sunshine and try not to over indulge in local food as both these could rigger events if your AF is vagally generated.

Now enjoy.



I wonder if it was the stress and excitement of your holiday travel that triggered your AF? That happens to me and I now just accept and ignore it. Going home won't be nearly so exciting. Enjoy your holiday and don't worry about something that more than likely won't happen after your relaxing break.

Best wishes



Thank you Jean - I was looking forward to the break but it's a place we visit often so no real excitement as such. Have to say its pretty relaxing here in the sunshine tho lol!! I think I'm more concerned that after 4 years of things being steady & feeling ok Ive now had a couple of incidents in the space of a week and I suppose it's making me feel vulnerable! I slept like a baby last night though and feel much better today so hopefully it was just a blip! Thanks for taking the time to reply, Di


Thank you Bob - you're right, I'm going to relax and do nothing all week except enjoy the sunshine! I have an appointment with the cardio in 2 weeks time but will ask for a referral to an EP as many of you have advised on this site. i feel - maybe because the initial SVT appeared to be a one off - that I've been largely ignored & left to get on with it!

Thanks for your advice, Di


Enjoy your holiday and don't worry too much - you didn't come to grief on the way over and you'll probably be fine on the way back. The more episodes we have, the more confident we become. AF is very personal and you will get to know your own brand and how best to deal with it and be in control, which you are. By going on holiday, you haven't let it get the upper hand and although it cropped up, don't let that spoil your fun now.


So pleased you have made your trip to Majorca. I was wondering about you and if you had gone, great to hear you have. Sorry you had a blip but are feeling better now. Let the magic of a relaxing holiday in the sun in a place you love do you good.

Remember to keep very well hydrated (water not alcohol) as dehydration is a known trigger. Also don't eat a heavy meal especially at night as, if your AF is vagally triggered, that wont help.

Now enjoy that wonderful holiday. Try not to worry about your return flight its only the last few hours of your holiday and once back home see about a consultation with an EP. In the meantime relax and enjoy, just wish I was there with you.

In the meantime we are all here to support you sending cyber hugs if you need them during your break.

On your return I would be interested to hear what your travel insurance people have said as I struggle to get a deal let alone a good one.

Be well.



Aw thanks Dee - hugs gratefully accepted! In this lovely morning sunshine I feel a bit silly for having posted last night but as this is all a bit new to me it's good to have the reassurance of seasoned AFibbers lol!

I usually use a comparison site for my travel insurance and have used a couple of times. This time because we're away again next month (get me!!) I paid the extra premium on the free travel insurance offered by our bank - think it was about £85 for an annual policy. Now I've got to add 'unplanned hospital visit in the last 12 months' I'm sure it will rocket next time :-(

Thanks for your support, Di


Thanks Rellim296, I'm feeling much better today which helps put it into perspective! I think I've had an easy time if it since I was diagnosed so it's come as a bit of a shock to have a couple of hiccups close together. Maybe time to look at my lifestyle! Thanks for the encouragement,



AF certainly makes us lead healthy lives!




It is good you are having a break and enjoy it.

You say no real excitement however that is only PARTLY true. Your body thinks yes!!! Even if you weren't an AF sufferer it is likely that your HB will go up with the extra running around, preparations, getting underway, etc and then that is exacerbated (in my experience) when you are an AF sufferer. Adrenalin is a trigger for AF. Even if you are in persistent AF it exacerbates it. I have worked this out by trial and error and thought over many months. However as has been said in the posts all of us are different so may not apply to you. Enjoy that break.


Thanks Peter - you're right, airports and the frustration they bring plus the background worry of another blip probably didn't help! So for now I'm going to enjoy being lazy, make the most of having my meals cooked for me and will lay in the sunshine toasting nicely! I'll sort myself out when I get home! Di


And just take it more leisurely getting to the airport - get there a couple of hours earlier. I always used to be always rushing around walking briskly to get trains, etc and I have found taking it much more leisurely helps.


PS. I wish I was having someone cook my meals for me!!!

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It's the highlight of my holiday lol!! But yes, I'm taking things at a more leisurely pace now thank you and will heed your advice for the return trip 😊


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