Off to Portugal with a lovely black eye

Going to Portugal at the weekend and whilst playing super heros yesterday with my 4 year old grandson his foot accidentally came into contact with my eye and I have a horrible black eye.

It seemed like he only touched it with his foot but my concern is what would happen if I really had an accident or fall would they be able to stop the bleeding as I am on apixaban with no antidote, it has certainly made me think.

Hoping my AF doesn't make an appearance whilst on holiday as I haven't had to use the bisoprolol yet as a PIP so don't know if it wiil work with me. My heartbeat is around 50 -55 so can't use bisoprolol daily. Haven't had an AF episode since Dec, so fingers crossed. Regards to everyone.

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  • Hi gemsmum, it always happens like that when we are going away doesnt it. I take one of the NOACs, Rivaoxaban. As they have a short half life you should be ok if you had a fall or anything.

    I have flecainide as PIP and have yet to use it in that form and I too wonder if it will do its job when needed. I think all these thoughts as exaggerated in us when we are going to a foreign country just in case something were to kick in while away from the familiar at home.

    I do hope you can enjoy your holiday to the full, the rest and relaxation will do you good.


  • Enjoy your holiday and stop worrying. You'll have a great time but stay off the alcohol.

  • And drink plenty of still water

  • Have a good holiday

  • Thank you for your good wishes, have been looking forward to this holiday with the family including my 4 year old grandson, maybe have a little glass of wine!!

  • I had the same concerns when I went off to Turkey a few weeks ago, gemsmum, but all was well and I had a great time! Someone on here suggested I take a note of the nearest medical centre just in case which I found helpful. Thankfully, I didn't need to access it.

    Have a wonderful time!


  • Hi gemsmum, we go to Spain a couple of times a year, I have the name and number of the nearest public hospital and have never had to use it even though I have persistant AF. I just relax and enjoy the culture. Hope you can do the same.

    Have a lovely holiday, take care and Angel blessings.


  • Yes fingers crossed have a fab time

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