How to get a private appointment with an EP

I'm sorry the number of questions I keep asking but your advice has been invaluable. Could someone point me in the right direction of how to make a private appointment with an EP (in UK)? Does it have to be via the cardiologist, as I don't think I'll have much luck there? The problem is that he holds the results of the 7 day monitor and echocardiogram. Or would a GP be able to help? I want to get on the NHS waiting list should he/she think an ablation is an option. Not sure what paperwork I will need to accomplish this.

Many thanks

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  • I asked my GP to refer me privately to the EP of my choice. Once I had seen the EP and been given an initial treatment plan, he then transferred me to his NHS waiting list for future consultations - ablation was one of the options we discussed at subsequent meetings.

    You can request your medical info from the hospital which holds it or your GP might be able to help.

    Some EP's may accept private patients directly, without the need for a referral. The relevant secretary would be able to advise you.

  • Thank you. Now I've made up my mind I just want to go for it.

  • Exactly the same as Finvola for me. I just asked my GP for a private referral to an EP of my choice, although she did also offer me others that were nearer, but I went for the one I wanted.

    The EP did an ECG himself at the consultation; didn't come up with anything, so got a 7 day monitor fitted, then diagnosed AF and arranged treatment. Everything after the initial consultation (or maybe two, can't remember?) was NHS, including an ablation.


  • Thanks Koll. I've very recently had a 7 day monitor which confirmed the diagnosis. Like you, the ECG didn't show anything. Advice much appreciated

  • I saw my EP though an NHS referral, but I later made a private appointment with him (some months in advance of a routine appointment) via the local Spire Hospital.

  • My GP was happy to refer me, had a quick appointment, then was put on NHS wait list at Coventry, all went really well and smoothly. Much better than trying to get referred via my cardiologist who kep finding reasons for me to delay. 😊

  • Thank you. I'll tackle my GP next week!

  • Hi Pam

    I went on the AF website and then spoke to a really helpful lady there who gave me the names for EPs at hospitals local to me. I then had to get my GP to write a referral letter. If you tell us the area you live in, someone on here might be able to suggest someone.


  • Hi Netty. We don't have an EP in our Health Trust but come under the Royal Brompton in London. I will explore this with my GP as soon as possible. I have just been watching a video on You Tube of Professor Schilling talking about ablation. I'm now convinced!


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