It didn't work

Well the reason I joined this site was to grab a bit of positivity and have been very reluctant to post the update ,,,,,,,,had the ablation 6 months ago and have finally accepted that IT DIDNT WORK despite the excellence of the Papworth People who I have the utmost respect for I am no further forward. Best wishes to all those who awaiting theirs, we are all different xx

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  • Sorry to hear that, Can I ask how many you have had? I know how you feel after my third ablation I went into AF almost immediately and not ashamed to say I cried and was really upset that I had put myself through that three times and was no better, went on to have a pacemaker and feel great, still aware occasionally of flutters but on the whole much better. I know its not for everyone and as you say we are all different,

    Aren't we just? please don't lose heart try to think positive


  • Hi Wendi,

    Can't remember if I have asked you. Which pacemaker did you have fitted?

    I am waiting for the CRT-p or -d. I haven't decided which one yet.


  • Hi,

    Not really sure but my ID card however is Vitatron ?? not sure if that's any use sorry.


  • Thanks Wendi it was the first one for me. Glad to hear things are better for you :-))

  • You sound a bit as if you feel it has all been for nothing, Mickeysixpence, but lessons about your heart will have been learnt and perhaps this was the first step only towards your goal. Ablations may not be complete successes but we can still be better off than we would have been without them.

  • Thanks for reply rellim haha predictive text spells you as relic but I'm sure your not that old :-)

  • Oh, not the best... funny though!

  • Yes rellim reading your post again I agree lessons have been learned and deep down I still believe that this can be resolved with a second ablation every journey starts with the first step and I have taken a few steps already so yes I'm on the way already . Thanks again for your input

  • My first ablation was little more than exploratory. They thought I had tachycardia and discovered I had AF and sent me away with pills - flecainide. A second ablation has improved things enormously and I've been able to give up the flecainide and feel I have my life back.

  • I am so sorry as I can read your disappointment and I would be the same. However, if this is your first it could be that a second or third would do the trick and if not then you have to move on and don't stop until you find something that makes your quality of life better. Wendy is a fab example of this. Whenever I read her posts I always take heart as I feel that when all else fails there is the procedure Wendy has had. Thanks to Wendy for sharing your experiences with us. Mickey, I hope you get to talk all this over with your E.P. soon.x

  • Yes everyone on here is great , I will be phoning the EP soon I think :-))

  • Micky. I too had the same problem. Am due for number 2 in August. Chin up and go with the flow

  • Thanks soozie that's exactly what I will do , go with the flow :-)) good luck with no 2 in August are you in UK? Funny I was all worked up yesterday and since my post I have only had a couple of missed beats , very strange and unpredictable this condition really :-)) have a nice weekend to all x

  • Micky, I am an Aussie, and the beats, what can I say, I have been going to A and E every 10 to 12 days, I am currently taking magnesium (which I was informed I was low in) and also verapamil which is my heart meds, I have not had to go back to hospital and now feel like a fool for thinking about canning the 2nd ablation. BUT, common sense tells me we cannot predict the reason behind this bloody disorder.

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