Will it work!

Well been in persistent af since last May. I am due a cardioversion tomorrow in Liverpool. Hoping it will convert me into NSR. To be honest if it doesn't I am just hoping it won't leave me worse off than I am now. Luckily I am pretty well symptom free. I understand it will help to identify the way forward for future treatment (if any). Cheers Roy

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  • Good luck Roy. Here's hoping for a good outcome. Best wishes. X

  • Thanks Meadfoot. If I can't be converted that's OK...providing the conversion doesn't leave me worse than I am now.

  • I believe there is a good chance it will work, the problem is keeping in nsr in the long term afterwards. I have had two cardioversions, which have lasted various times. I am due another soon, but this time will stay on a beta blocker which is hoped will keep me in nsr. I would certainly discuss this option when you have the cv.

  • Roy,

    The cardioversion should, in theory, make you feel better. I'm also asymptomatic and had a cardioversion last month and didn't really notice the difference apart from a nice steady pulse. Unfortunately, I only lasted 8 days in NSR and am now back persistent again.

    I'm weighing up the option to have an ablation or not. Hope it all goes well for you.


  • Good luck RoyM !!

  • I am in persistant AF and had a cardioversion which took me back to NSR and I stayed like that but relapsed after five days. Although I was disappointed I had been warned that this was just a diagnostic tool to help them see the way forward. It is used to see 1) whether your heart will return to NSR and 2) if you felt better for it. I can say that for the five days I felt years ounger. Waiting now for an ablation. Did go for one last year but it was stopped after they found a clot in the atrium and now I am waiting for another TOE to check if this has gone and if so go forward again for an ablation.

    Good luck!

  • Hi, I'm new here. I apparently have had a fib for a few months, ignored it. My primary physician found it on a routine physical. Metoprlol makes me feel gross but kept taking - no good. Had my first TEE and cardioversion - which lasted less than 72 hours. So, honestly, don't think they work too well. Just my experience. I really don't know what do do now - they want to immediately do another cardioversion. I don't see why. I've heard the following procedures work less well than the first. Thank you for anyone's advice. Unfortunately, I live in US, where we have to pay for everything.

  • Hi Paula - Are you able to take your blood pressure yourself i.e. do you have a machine to do this? I'm just wondering if Metoprolol is taking your BP down too low? What dose are you taking? I've had several cardioversions and some have worked for ages and others just a few days. I would certainly try another one if I were you.

    Are you saying you, personally, don't have any medical insurance?

    In the UK, while we are working, we have a deduction from our wages called National Health Insurance


  • Hi Jean! Tried to respond yesterday but wouldn't take the reply. Sorry. Yes my bp is lower but not abnormally so. I have some insurance it's just the deductible. The joys of USA. The cardioversion was $1700 after the insurance paid some, so you can understand my reluctance to dish out an additional amount when it worked so briefly...I heard it works even less then subsequent times it's performed...

  • I'm sure you'll be fine, Roy. Chances are it will work - for how long no one knows yet. It certainly won't make you feel worse. I've had two CVs and am a lucky one as the first lasted 13 months and the second still going strong for the last 26 months.

    Let's hope yours will give you a good spell of NSR - otherwise nothing lost - onwards and upwards!.

  • I did feel so much better for the 24 hours in NSR. That's how I knew when AF came back. I just don't know if I can take the chance and go through that depressing realization that NSR is so fleeting...

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