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Got my date for op yesterday

Hi everyone some good news is it's made then give me a date for operation its on the 17 th July so wish me luck, I'm very apprehensive about it all going to read as much as I can without frightening myself though not sure if not knowing is a better option as he told me not to read about tablet I'm on for fear of getting upset, I hope this is going to be an end to that very long tunnel I have as this has been going on since 2004 now when I was fist taken in for heart attack

Thanks for all your support I'm sorry falks but I may need you a bit longer on her if that's ok

Thanks julie

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Hi Julie,

Your right don't google anything regarding your op, try to put it out of your mind until the day if possible ,though easier said than done I know, just think happy thoughts and you will be fine I am sure.

Let us know how you get on,

Take care

Wendi x


Hi Julie. This sounds good. If you'd let us know exactly what you are having, there might be someone who has had the same thing who might put your mind at rest.

I've been very apprehensive before going into hospital and last time I made a new will, just in case! Silly me, I survived and it has, as you say, taken me into the light at the end of the tunnel. But you do get fearful when you discover all the things that might once in a blue moon go wrong and it is nice, if you have to wait a while before it's your turn, not to be worried about things you should have done. Next time I am going to have a little questionnaire of uplifting things to fill in: the best holiday I have had was...... or the celebrities I'd like to have a meal with would be ... or If I could have six weeks of my life again they would be ... But you don't think about the answers in advance. A funny book is a good idea but don't read it afterwards in case it makes you laugh too much.

Do keep busy in the days beforehand - have a bit of a buzz around the house so you can ignore cleaning afterwards and make and freeze some nice things to eat so you don't have to do any cooking.

Incidentally - and this may be too much information, so apologies - if there is likely to be any activity around the top of the leg, a generous bikini line wax at least a week beforehand has several advantages.


Thanks fo your tips lol something's you don't think about but think I'll be ok with this anyway.


Hi Julie, one important thing to understand is that all the nasty things that they say "might" happen, they are telling you not to make you frightened but to protect THEM from law suits if the unthinkable did ever happen.

By the way, if you are having ablation it isn't an operation it is a procedure as they don't make incisions like as surgeon does.

You may have to lie flat for a while afterwards so make sure that you take a small bag with anything you think you might need close to hand like mobile phone., lip salve, tissues etc and a sports drinking bottle as you may feel thirsty plus something to read though you may be sleepy anyway.

We are all here to support so ask anything.

If you do decide you want to know about ablation there is a great fact sheet on AF Association website.



Good luck soon be on the right side health wise again. Be well.


Good luck Julie, I hope all goes well. We are all here for you at any time.



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