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Permanent AF update

8 weeks ago I came off diltyzem because of swoolen legs

Which left me on no drugs at all

Great that suits me just fine I thought👍 I had to record heart rate and report back in 6 weeks with info

Now without drugs i am 90/ 100 resting

On drugs I was 80/90. Resting

I had no record of my heart rate exercising or working

But off drugs it goes up. 130/140 cutting the grass

My swoolen legs improved after stopping diltyzem

In truth while on diltyzem I felt good as I do now off them

But my swoolen legs have returned in the last couple of days but painful this time

I think it's my heart not pumping efficiently so drugs will have to come back

I'll ring rythmn nurse tomorrow and see. How we go

I'll keep info coming


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I found your post very interesting and would very much appreciate an update when you have further information.

Tildium did not suit me at all. It caused very swollen ankles and chronic constipation. In fairness there is a warning about this on the packet. I had no experience of swollen ankles and was surprised how painful they were.

Best wishes.


Could you take the lower dose of Diltiazem....I am taking 180 once a day and it has lowered my heart rate and i do not have swollen ankles....I think that happens on the high doses


Diltiazem120 gave me painful swollen feet, ankles and legs. I am now on 60 slow release and still have swollen feet, but no longer painful. The 60 seems to slow my heart to the same rate as 120, but I seem to be having more sudden high irregular heart beats.


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