Well, I've just come home from a week in hospital. I went on Monday last for an echocardiogram and EP kept me in when he looked at the results then & there. I was in the throes of a prolonged & severe bout of AF, 72 hours unceasing, and he was very concerned about it. Upshot is, I'm going to have a pacemaker fitted next month. They managed to get my heartrate back to normal with Amiodarone & Digoxin, plus Ramipril....I'm on 17 tablets a day now! He says if the pacemaker doesn't work 100% then I'll be sent for an ablation, too. I'm so hoping that won't be necessary, because it means either a 50 mile trip to Bristol or to London.

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  • So sorry to hear this but if it doesn't work let me reassure you that it will probably be worth the 50 miles. From what I've heard there are good E.P.s at London and Bristol and at least you know they are prepared to put you forward for an ablation, not everyone gets the opportunity. Look after yourself now you have had a shock to the system.x

  • Thank you. It would be worth it, yes, but I'm hoping the pacemaker will make it unnecessary. I am exhausted and so tired all the time. Mind you, that could be the hospital rest in there, even the EP said that!!

  • Oh dear what an experience but you sound as if you were well looked

    after. You will just have to bite the bullet and hope everything goes

    according to plan, try not to worry and anticipate worse case senario

    it may never happen.

    Good luck hope all goes well.

  • Pacemaker has worked perfectly for me Marg! Best thing i ever got trust m the difference is amazing after a week or two! Good luck

  • Are you saying that the pacemaker has stopped your AF?

    I have AF and tachy bradycardia with 3 second pauses in my heart rate. I am having a dual chamber pacemaker fitted next week but am told that it will control the pauses and keep my heart rate above 60 but not stop the AF which will still need medication

  • Good luck with the pacemaker. I am sure you will feel so much better afterwards.

  • rotten isnt it, I had an cardioversion 2.5 weeks ago, after being in AF for years, a previous doctor didnt pick up on it or, any of my symptoms, been feeling well, but last couple of days, pretty yuk. It makes you depressed. I hope your pacemaker works. good luck

  • Sorry you've been in hospital, margar, but apart from that it all sounds very positive and a good way forward.

    A 50 mile trip could be a small price for the benefits an ablation might offer.

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