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I had an emergency appointment at the doctors yesterday, they took an X-ray and said I need a tooth out, they then sent me home after prescribing ibuprofen and told me to ring my dentist first thing on Monday. I am in a LOT of pain, do you think my dentist would be able to remove my tooth the same day that I ring up? I don't know how much longer I can deal with the pain!

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I'd ring an emergency dentist. There's usually one advertised in our local paper so maybe check yours or Google in your area. Hope you get sorted


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Ibuprofen had the worse effect on my AF I would only take Paracetamol and antibiotics if prescribed. The only reason the tooth is not removed straight away is because the local anaesthetic does not work so well when the area is inflamed. Good luck.


Several questions here. Are you on warfari?. Reasonable question since you are posting on the AF forum. Second point is it depends on if there is an abcess under the tooth which could block the local anaesthetic. Third point is that if you DO have AF and or ARE on warfarin you should NOT be talking ibuprophen.

Why not go to A and E if the pain is so bad? They may be able to give you something stronger which will not react with the warfarin.or complicate the AF.


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