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Another Emergency Department Visit

Hi Guys, I was hoping for a small amount of feedback from you.

Since my 1st ablation in October last year I have been worse then before the ablation (yes I know this is normal) however, I seem to be cycling up with the episodes becoming more intense and longer. I was only going at it hard for a couple of hours now its 8 maybe 9.

Last nigh, I swear I could not for the life of me get myself under control, I took every drug that normally works and after 7 hours of intense erratic AF and Blood Pressure, I admitted myself to hospital.

It took another 2 before I settled down.

I am seeing EP on Monday in Sydney, but would like to know if any of you have a method for bringing yourself back into NSR, and how, and also if you too have experienced this distressing event after you ablation.

I know the answer to the ablation, and I know I will have to back up, but I am not very confident at this point.

Thank you in advance

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Hi Soozie and I do understand having been there myself after my first. The only possible real advice is to try the Valsalva thingy. Take a deep breath, hold your nose, keep your mouth closed and try to blow out against the pressure. Hold pressure for as long as you can.

This often works if you have a very fast heart rate and can sometimes help with AF.

All the other methods you will hear are very individual and often contradictory. People will find that rest/ exercise,/cold water./hot water lay down/ stand up , you get teh picture. AF is such a mongrel condition one has to find one's own solution ---if there is one for you.

Second ablation should sort it.

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Thanks Bob, I know all you say is true, but there was a momentary lapse there that I was hoping something might work :)


If only! One day I'm sure but we are still guinea pigs really.

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My first ablation made my AF a lot worse as well, and the second one worked and I have now been AF free for 13 months so please take heart. Of course everyone is different so maybe question your EP as to his opinion of the likelihood of success a second time around, mine said 98% sure and I had every confidence in his skill and ability - that is really what you need to trust,

My worst episodes lasted for 48 hours plus and I was admitted to cardiac care for a few days on one occasion - which is what decided me to try a second ablation as I thought it couldn't make it any worse. So pleased I did.


Thanks Dreamer, thats what I wanted to hear, I was hesitant in #2 ablation, the Professor I had retired and I will be seeing a new one, always scary when you have a high benchmark to compete with.


It's really remarkable how varied the experiences with AF and ablation can be! My brother has had three ablations for his episodic AF and still not totally resolved. I've had one ablation following constant AF and other than occasional "blips" seem to be completely AF free going on 7 months now. No meds except for bp. Same doctor, too, so it's not skill, just different hearts. I hope you get the magic combination as so many have!

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