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I sometimes do free online short online courses via Furturelearn. Reading University are startin a four week course entitled Heart Health: a Beginner's Guide to Cardiovascular Disease the link is futurelearn.com/courses/hea..., I thought that some of you might like to learn more about the organ which gives us a problem

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  • That looks good, I'm going to look into doing the course.

    Thank you


  • Thank you. I'm signed up.

  • Interesting! I have just signed up, Thanks for the info.


  • Thanks Steve I have now signed up too.

  • Looks really good. Signed up. I will know even more when I see the heart valve specialist in June.

  • As a practitioner I have to take a detailed consultation regarding health issues and medication prior to treatment and also before I can recommend Epsom salts baths....Even if I am pretty sure it's safe I still insist seeking GP' s advise and also The Epsom Salts Avisory Helpline...


  • I agree, before you want to change any treatment thay might or might not recomended in this course you should see your GP

  • SteveBliss,

    Cant think how I managed to mix up reply re magnesium with your post I do apologize...


  • No Problem

  • Thanks for the link, there are a few courses there that look interesting.

  • Thanks very much Steve. It looks very useful - I've just registered.


  • Thanks. I have registered.x

  • There are some interesting courses on offer. Thanks for posting.

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